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Welcome! Match Making at the Gottesman Libraries 

Welcome, new students! Can you conceive of a connection between speed dating and libraries? We can and are ready to assist, as you begin your classes and settle into Teachers College! For the start of the Fall semester, library staff prep with a series of exercises that pose key questions to highlight select services available to …

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Ninja Printing at the Library 

CUIT Printing Services (a.k.a., Ninja) is now available at the Gottesman Libraries!  Finally, your friendly librarians will no longer have to point to the building behind them and say "Go there for your free printouts!"  You can get your 20 free pages (or 100 if you bought the extra package) on the first floor of …

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NINJa Printing: Free printing on the Columbia campus 

NINJa printing -- sounds bad-ass right? Well, it is! The NINJa printing system is what you can use to print your quota at one of the many libraries or computer labs on the Columbia campus or one of its affiliate campuses! A Teacher's College student may print up to 20 pages per week (for free) …

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Printing at the Library 

It's been a busy couple of weeks here at the Gottesman Libraries as we welcome both new and returning students to the library.  The start of a new school year brings many members of the TC community to the first floor services desk asking for assistance in navigating the library and Teachers College. In an …

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Printing with Flex Dollars @ Gottesman Libraries 

There are paper copies of  a printing guide at the first floor circulation desk giving you the details on how to print and copy at the library. It reads: "Go to the 2nd floor to the Flexcard dispensing machine to Get new Flexcard OR Add money to your existing Flexcard OR Put money on your …

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Makerbot 3-D Printing: Revolutionizing the Role of Computers 

The state-of-the-art of "desktop manufacturing" today is reminiscent of "personal computing" in the 1970s and "Real-time" computer processing and "real world computing" are poised to (once again) revolutionize the role of computers everyday life. This was demonstrated by none other than Chris "Widget" DiMauro with the  state-of-the-art 3-D printer – Makerbot. DiMauro is a research …

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