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Today in History: World Population Day 

Sloan Wayland and Jane Boorstein are two significant Teachers College members who come to mind when reflecting on the problem of our world's population. Both ambassadors for social change who sought to make a deep difference through education, I met the former who quietly sought a home for his research collection in the field of population …

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Today in History: Live Aid 

Remember "We Are the World" (USA for Africa)? A global rock concert that raised relief for famine-stricken Africa, Live Aid was conceived by Irish singer Bob Geldof who had travelled to Ethiopia after learning of the hundreds of thousands who had starved. With Prince Charles and Princess Diana officiating, the 16-hour event opened at Wembley …

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Today in History: Elementary-Secondary Education Act 

The Elementary-Secondary Education Act was signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson on April 11th, 1965 as part of his efforts to address "The War on Poverty." This legislation funded elementary and secondary education, encouraging equal access to education and measures for accountability exercised more at the local, rather than federal level. ESEA was …

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Today in History: Hurricane Katrina 

For a year -- if not more -- after Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Gulf Coast, reaping unimaginable destruction, citizens near and far -- including our very own library staff -- volunteered in relief efforts down in New Orleans;  parishes were inhabitable, governmental responsibility seriously questioned, life exacerbated by the highly charged political climate. As one colleague described, it was …

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Everett Cafe: Lessons from the Gilded Age 

After collective iterations of selections for the new Everett Café book display, Lessons from the Gilded Age, the last thing I expect to find is a small frog in my path. Down the steep hill at the top of the park, I am cycling too fast to stop, but I shift my Schwinn just a …

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Saint Patrick’s Day 

St. Patrick's Day is typically marked with shamrocks, Irish music, Guinness, and lots and lots of green (like this photo of the Chicago River). Many people, regardless of ancestral heritage, celebrate this Irish cultural festivity around the world. But what does (and did) it mean to be Irish, particularly in the United States? In the …

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Education in the slums of Rio and Kibera 

"Charles Leadbeater went looking for radical new forms of education -- and found them in the slums of Rio and Kibera, where some of the world's poorest kids are finding transformative new ways to learn. And this informal, disruptive new kind of school, he says, is what all schools need to become" (Reference: TedTalk …

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Culturally proficient education : an asset-based response to conditions of poverty 

Title: Culturally proficient education : an asset-based response to conditions of poverty Author: Randall B. Lindsey, Michelle S. Karns, Keith Myatt Publisher: Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Corwin   : American Association of School Administrators, c2010. Call Number: LC4065 .L56 2010 From the Publisher: Written to counter the perspective that students from low-income backgrounds come to school …

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Learning Our Way Out 

Last Spring the Library Director asked me to consider doing a book talk with Jane Boorstein, an alumna of Teachers College. As he handed over a slim paperback with a modest cover, he inquired if I knew her, mentioning casually that she developed a novel educational approach in Ethiopia. I quickly read the title, Learning …

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“The End of Poverty” 

Imagine living off less than $1 a day or selling bottled water when you might not even have access to this basic resource? Given our modern cities and plentiful resources, why is there is so much poverty amidst so much wealth? What's the good of giving pajamas when infrastructure and jobs need to build and …

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Incidental Art 

My eye catches the tips of the dark mountains on the outskirts of Caracas, Venezuela, and in a blink I find myself gazing at the shanty towns hugging their sides– an imperfect pyramid of white, orange, and gray rectangles dotted by an occasional tree, smoky green under the smog and burning heat of the equator. …

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Unequal Fortunes  ☆

Ms. Laura Scheiber, Ph.D. candidate, and Juan Carlos Reyes, Executive Assistant to the President of Teachers College, on Tuesday, September 14th, read from and discussed the compelling book, Unequal Fortunes: Snapshots from the South Bronx, (Teachers College Press, June 2010). The book, which was co-authored with President Emeritus Arthur Levine, is a highly personal account …

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More Than Just Race 

Title: More than just race: being black and poor in the inner city Author: William Julius Wilson Publisher: New York: Norton & Company, c2009 Check It Out: HN90.S6 W55 2009 From Publishers Weekly: Harvard sociologist Wilson (The Declining Significance of Race) makes a bold effort to reframe current debates on the relationship between race and …

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