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10 Weeks of Neurodynamic Lunch Hour with Dr. Ted Dimon 

Yesterday was the first in a ten-week series of lunch hour workshops with Dr. Ted Dimon, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Education and Psychology at Teachers College. His "Neurodynamic Lunch Hours," from 12:30 - 1:30PM in our library in Russell Hall, are making a comeback this year. At yesterday's lunch hour (snacks and beverages welcome), we watched …

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Rid Yourself of Back Pain: A New Gottesman Library Lecture Tells Us How 

The little pains we feel along our spines creep over us so slowly we often hardly notice until they become much worse. Over time, however, the soreness we get from extended hours of study begins to add up; a small ache develops into a larger posture problem, and if we’re not careful, causes persistent back …

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