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Today in History: A Donkey Is Born 

As a symbol of the Democratic party, the donkey first appeared on January 15th, 1870 in Harper's Weekly in a political cartoon by Thomas H. Nast that  criticized Edwin Stanton, former Secretary of War, by using the caption, "A Live Jackass Kicking a Dead Lion".  Some believe the "jackass" played on a twist of General Andrew Jackson's name …

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Today in History: Abraham Lincoln Is Elected President 

Although he received only 40% of the popular vote,  Abraham Lincoln was elected 16th President of the United States on November 6th, 1860. The Democratic Party was heavily divided at the time, and Lincoln became the first Republican to win the office. The presidential race of 1860 included candidates John Breckinridge, a Southern Democrat; John Bell, Constitutional Union; and …

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