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Today in History: Education for All Handicapped Children’s Act 

The Education for All Handicapped Children's Act was signed into law by President Gerald Ford on November 30, 1975. This important legislation required all public schools accepting federal funds to provide equal access to education and one free meal a day for children with physical and mental disabilities. In addition public schools were required to …

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Who Changed Your Life? 

Who Changed Your Life? was the question which propelled the SOCRATIC CONVERSATION conducted by Ron Gross on August 9th. The session opened by noting President  Obama's observation that "none of us have achieved what we have achieved in life, on our own.  We all had people who were crucial to our development: teachers, parents, friends...."   Then, …

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Kids First: Five Big Ideas for Transforming Children’s Lives & America’s Future, with David L. Kirp 

Renowned education expert David L. Kirp speaks on Kids First: Five Big Ideas for Transforming Children's Lives and America's Future (PublicAffairs, March 31st, 2011). In his latest publication, dedicated to "the unsung heroes -- those whose tireless efforts are changing the arc of children's lives," he outlines a clear policy agenda that places kids first …

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