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Today in History: Mary Swartz Rose Is Born 

In an article entitled, "Belief in Magic", Mary Swartz Rose opens with a description of the mystical Vale of Avalon, ancient abbeys, and wonder-working relics. She ponders a recently-built cathedral (Riverside, 1930) overlooking the Hudson, as she references Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick's assertion of "law-abiding world," despite our common belief in "magical faith", and then …

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Today in History: Miss Farmer’s School of Cookery Opens 

Forays into pancakes lead to Fannie Farmer's time-tested tips: when the spoonful of batter in the greased skillet is puffed, full of bubbles, and cooked on the edges, it's ready to flip. A first attempt is premature, landing half of my daughter's chocolate chip pancake on the stove top where it sticks, ungainly, to the …

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Caffeine and sugar: a match made in heaven 

Several mornings per week, I watch from the services desk as my fellow library employees and dozens of patrons stride, dash, or shuffle into the library with coffee and muffins or croissants in their hands. After all, who can resist the allure of bakery products and caffeinated goodness in the morning? We'll eat healthy and …

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Staying Healthy for Finals 

This may seem unrelated to the library, but it has everything to do with student health and wellness, and my need to scream it from the mountain tops. I HATE BEING SICK!!!!!  Eh-hem... sorry. But seriously, health and wellness, if not kept in check, could effect your academic performance, which I feel is sufficient justification …

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What To Eat? 

I admit I am one of the many people who have recently jumped on the Michael Pollan bandwagon.  Before discovering his work, I didn’t give much thought to the concepts of Organic, Locally Grown, Conventionally Grown, Farm Raised, Certified Humane, and, well, you get the point I think. But after discovering his work, I stumbled …

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School Gardens 

Even though I have yet to be personally involved in one, I think that school gardens contain a lot of potential in the field of education and hope to be able to participate in one with my class when I start teaching. The most obvious benefits are increased availability of and direct access to fresh …

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The Nutrition Exhibit (2009) 

In the spring of 2009, the EdLab design team collaborated with faculty from the Nutrition Program at Teachers College to create an exhibit for the program's centennial celebration. 100 Years: A Centennial Celebration of the Program in Nutrition at Teachers College explored the history of the Nutrition program, and was on view on the third floor of …

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