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Today in History: D-Day: The Normandy Landings 

My travels as an au pair do not take me to the beaches, but rather to the medieval town of Gaillon, south of Rouen, still in the upper Normandy region. I am sure to visit the town's memorial which reads, "Aux Morts/Aux Combattants 1914-1918~1939-1945; La Ville de Gaillon Reconnaissante". While the names are sparse, they …

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Infusing the Fall 2013 Education Program 

Education¬† -- Special -- we honor last, but not least. Design thinking infuses Socratic conversation, like mint tisane. United Nations, we celebrate our common humanity. Cosmopolitanism and philosophy wed innovation and education. Arts, Media, and Justice we embrace with a panel of eight. TEACH, in motion, we face the real …

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Radio Stories 

We were sitting around the dinner table, telling stories as we do, when my six year old daughter began (verbatim), The Annoying Radio Once there was a radio. A very annoying radio. He lived in a store, and the store was owned by a man. The man sometimes heard the radio.¬† Once he turned on …

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