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Today in History: Gershwin Plays Rhapsody in Blue 

February 12, 1924 marks the debut of Rhapsody in Blue, played masterfully by the composer and pianist George Gershwin, largely known for his work on Broadway songs. With a packed audience at Aeolian Hall in New York City, Gershwin performed his brand new piece as part of an educational event called "Experiment in Modern Music" …

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Today in History: Labor Day 

Influenced by his father who worked as a bus driver and in other vocations, "Factory" by Bruce Springsteen recognizes the common man and shows, along with his other great songs ("Working on the Highway", "Jack of All Trades"), respect for the rights of the working class. It's not surprising that The Boss performs …

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Connecting Educators with New York City’s Cultural Institutions: “The NYC Uncommon Approaches to the Common Core” Conference 

Local cultural institutions have a lot to offer New York City educators by supporting curriculum development in exciting new ways. Teachers, for instance, are able use the high quality resources available at New York City’s museums to get students to think critically about the world around them. When students become aware of what the city …

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Re-Designing New York City: What Are Your Ideas? 

An aspiring group of urban re-designers met recently to share ideas at one of the Library's monthly Socratic conversations on how to improve the quality of life in New York City.  Suggestions covered a gamut of inspiring possibilities -- greater sociability and concept of the neighborhood, more green environment, less waste, active citizenry, stronger schools, …

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Library Resources for A&HH 6041 : Historical Method 

This research guide is an overview of library resources specifically prepared for Professor Cally White's class: A&HH6041, Historical Methods. The guide describes resources available within TC, as well as an extended overview of digitally accessible archives in New York State and beyond. Library catalogs ONLINE CATALOGS EDUCAT is the online library catalog at Teachers College. …

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Libraries that play “hard to find.” 

The Gottesman Library at TC is pretty easy to find, with its prominent location at the end of campus and its five floors of open study space and book shelves. But some libraries are more elusive, almost intentionally hard to find. Today, the New York Times noted that the City Hall Library, located inside New …

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Balance and Momentum: Spring Education Program 

Pedaling is the way a cyclist goes forward, maybe for châteaux, grey road ribboning vineyards green in a Loire Valley August, or for sweaters, woolly spin down the salt-slippery strip into Aber town, or for work, up past the North Woods on that crazy-cold NYC day, hands like birds frozen in flight. We provide points …

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What Did You Learn from the Storm? 

As New York continued to struggle with the devastating aftermath of Sandy, participants in the Socratic Conversation conducted by Ron Gross on November 15th struggled with the learnings emerging from the experience. Photojournalist Diane Cohen  exemplified such learnings: “Finding myself alone in the dark, I began to realize that the independence I had always assumed …

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Library Your Way Around Town, Part 3 

Unless you've been intentionally living in deep seclusion over these past months, you have heard of this thing called Occupy Wall Street. (If you have not heard of this, please let me know how you have been able to accomplish this level of seclusion. I've got finals coming up...) So assuming you have heard of …

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Ethnically qualified : race, merit, and the selection of urban teachers, 1920-1980 

Title: Ethnically qualified  : race, merit, and the selection of urban teachers, 1920-1980  Author :  Christina Collins Publisher: New York : Teachers College Press Call number: LB2835.26.N7 C65 2011 From the Publisher: Why did the New York City school district once have the lowest ratio of minority teachers to minority students of any large urban school system in the country? Using an array of historical sources, this provocative book explores …

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Unequal Fortunes  ☆

Ms. Laura Scheiber, Ph.D. candidate, and Juan Carlos Reyes, Executive Assistant to the President of Teachers College, on Tuesday, September 14th, read from and discussed the compelling book, Unequal Fortunes: Snapshots from the South Bronx, (Teachers College Press, June 2010). The book, which was co-authored with President Emeritus Arthur Levine, is a highly personal account …

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NYC Black Out 

The message I’m composing disappears like a genie in a bottle. Words vaporize into the monitor, the unfinished sentence tilted in the air like an italicized question mark. I look up and see the fluorescent lights flickering, punctuated by the sighs of nearby librarians. The mustard brown air conditioners rattle like arthritic snakes, then drone …

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