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Today in History: Woodstock Concludes 

In response to the Vietnam War, the Woodstock Music Festival, or "Three Days of Peace and Love", took place on a 600 acre farm in Bethel, New York from August 14th through 17th, 1969, drawing nearly 500,000 concert attendees. Among the musicians were Janis Joplin, Arlo Guthrie, Joe Cocker, Joan Baez, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The …

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Today in History: Edison Invents the Phonograph 

From smart machines to wizards, we move to inventors. Some consider Thomas Alva Edison (February 11, 1847- October 18, 1931) to be one of the greatest inventors of all time, for he smartly and prolifically developed technology that greatly influenced our lives. Innovation and invention, research, development, and commercialization became the foundation of the industrial research …

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Linked Jazz releases video 

Do you like data? Do you like jazz? Then you'll love Linked Jazz, a project based at the Pratt Institute School of Information and Library Science. What is Linked Jazz, you say? I'm glad you asked. Linked Jazz is a project investigating the potential of the application of Linked Open Data (LOD) technology to enhance …

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Invisible Republic: Bob Dylan’s Basement Tapes 

Title: Invisible Republic: Bob Dylan's Basement Tapes Author: Greil Marcus Publisher: Holt Paperbacks, 1998 Call Number: ML420 .D98 M16 1997 From the Publisher: Greil Marcus has been called "simply peerless, not only as a rock writer but as a cultural historian" (Nick Hornby). It's appropriate, then, that he should choose to explore one of the …

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Guns N’ Roses Encyclopaedia 

Guns N’ Roses Encyclopaedia Location: under “Journals and Databases” at TC, search for it by name Here’s a reference resource you might not realize is available to you through Gottesman Library: The Guns N’ Roses Encyclopaedia.  Chock full of meaty details and color photos of the band and their friends, The Guns N’ Roses …

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Beautiful Pain – My Favorite Albums of 2011 (So Far!) 

This year has already inspired a lot of great music.  I decided I would write about my five favorite albums of 2011 (so far).  Not that I am by any means an authority on what “great music” constitutes.  But if you have a weakness for beautiful lyrics or just simply songs that are so …

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Happy Birthday, Bob 

There are at least five reasons I’m pumped the rapture was a spoof. In all honestly, one of them is not so I can continue to listen to Bob Dylan but hey, it’s his birthday and he deserves all of the recognition he's getting. For those of you new to the country (or planet) Dylan …

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Library of Congress National Jukebox 

Amazing! Check it out! The Library of Congress has been making some of their historical music collections available for listening. A lot of the music that's currently available was recorded between 1901 and 1925. Much of it is pre-microphone acoustical, playing music into a giant horn: The other super exciting feature on this website …

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Post-Pandora? Human Music Advisory services 

I recently read about a new music advisory service created by two public librarians out of Jacksonville Public Library. The Personalized Playlist concept is simple. Music lovers looking for new tunes answer some on line questions about music, bands, and songs they like and don’t like.  Within a few days, the librarians at JPL email …

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Moving from the Formal to Informal 

Background Sophie and I met at a course in CCTE at Teachers College. At first I was drawn to Sophie's story because of her improvisational band, Forma. As I got to know her she told me about her classical piano training. I decided to focus on her evolution as a musician: in particular, I was …

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Keeping at It 

Background Since high school Phil Gordon has been in numerous bands and each has its own interesting story. I was particularly interested in his band Spinal Tap (before the mockumentary came out). He currently plays in a cover band, the Thigh Highs. Teaching with the Video Teachers could use this video in high school classrooms …

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Sabre Rattlers: Bluegrass at TC 

This weekend on beautiful artificial turf we played with a mini green frisbee that by chance listed all the common kinds of pollen.  The top of the flying disc pictured a yellow leaf within a circle of  named pollens,  stretching my knowledge and associations in ways I hadn’t anticipated; I learned that Kentucky bluegrass is …

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Something Cool – Worm Composting 

It all started when Amelia Epp, artist, teacher, blogger, and M.A. candidate in art education, offered to worm sit over the summer for a friend in New York. After two months of experiencing the blissful benefits – reducing organic waste, providing fertilizer for plants, growing community gardens, and the never-to-be missed topic of conversation - …

Reposted from Gottesman Video Collective. Written by Spam.

This video is part of the Something Cool series, which is focused on interesting and inspiring events or projects in the library and the EdLab. Publishing Location First published on the EdLab Blog but will find a home on the library pressible site. Producer Notes This event took place twice within a few hours and …

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Music, Conversation, and Interpretive Understanding with Emir Lewis 

Emir Lewis has edited and/or produced approximately 20 motion pictures, including those for television: In the Footsteps of Marco Polo (2008) and Year of the Bull (2003). Renowned for his use of music, coupled with his tackling of controversial subjects, Mr. Lewis' works include: Woodstock, Now and Then (2009); AIR (America’s Investigative Reports, 2008); Mr. …

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