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Library Resources and Services for the Urban Education Leaders Program 

This research guide is intended to provide information about and links to key resources for research in the field of urban education leadership.  These e-resources have been selected to support the mission of the program, i.e., "to create highly effective district-level leaders capable of designing and implementing successful educational systems for urban<img class="alignright …

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The Learning Theater Revealed 

Over the last two years, I have had the great privilege of working in the newly opened Smith Learning Theater here on the 4th floor of the Gottesman Libraries at Teachers College Columbia University in NYC. As we pass the one-year anniversary of the opening of the space, I want to reflect on some highlights, challenges, …

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Staff Picks Dec. 2017: Silver Anniversary Picture Books 

The December Staff Picks collection, Silver Anniversary Picture Books, on the second floor of the Teachers College Gottesman Libraries, showcases a favorite group of picture book authors and illustrators who were active some 25 years ago. Concentrating on this period allows me to highlight books, published prior to 1990, from the closed stacks. <span …

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Welcome! Match Making at the Gottesman Libraries 

Welcome, new students! Can you conceive of a connection between speed dating and libraries? We can and are ready to assist, as you begin your classes and settle into Teachers College! For the start of the Fall semester, library staff prep with a series of exercises that pose key questions to highlight select services available to …

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Taking a Study Break with Abby the Therapy Dog- Here at Gottesman Libraries! 

It's a busy time at Teachers College with finals around the corner. Everyone is studying, finishing projects, writing papers, and taking tests.  The library is always trying to find ways to ease the stress and frustration of finals week, whether it be staying open until 1:00 A.M. until May 9, providing complimentary chocolates for students …

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Library Services, Fall 2015: Towards a Theater of Learning 

The library is moving steadily towards opening day for the Learning Theater, the facility that will occupy the entirety of the fourth floor of Russell Hall.   The space has been totally gutted, and construction of a fully functioning, high-tech venue for presentation, group activity, and deeply interactive constructivist educational experience is well under way; some sense …

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Library Services, Spring 2015: Commencing, Present and Past 

Teachers College Faculty And Student Group in the Grove. (Ca. 1896) Since it's the season, it seems timely to illustrate this report with photographs of Teachers College commencements from the somewhat distant (late 19th/early 20th century) past.  It is fairly remarkable to note the size of graduating classes during that early era in the College's history; it's also somewhat surprising to observe how …

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Library Services, Fall 2014: The College in Historical Context 

In past posts on the semester's library services activities, I've made an effort to use images, many from our digitized Historical Photographs collection (all of which can be found in our online archive PocketKnowledge), to put current developments in the library and the College in context from a historical standpoint. House On Mrs. McKert's Farm, …

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Library Services, Spring 2014: Users, Staff, and Technology 

My report on library services for Spring 2014 takes as its theme the intersection between library users, library staff members, and information technologies, and as in the past I've raided the wonderful Historical Photographs of Teachers College collection in PocketKnowledge to provide illustrations of users in the past engaging with technologies of the past (and …

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Pressible As A Learning Tool 

Since I'm new to the library, I've been trying to learn everything I can about how everything works, including Pressible. I've spent the past week digging through Google Analytics, and I'd love to discuss some of my findings. I looked at monthly stats for Learning at the Library from August 2012 until now, and compared …

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How To Search for Items at the Library 

Finding what you need at the library can be overwhelming. Each library is unique with its own cataloging system, search engines, and other tools. Here is a quick and easy guide for how to search for books at the Gottesman Libraries using our website. First, begin at the Gottesman Libraries homepage. Be sure to choose …

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Finding a Suitable PDF App for the iPad 

In developing the Scholars at TC show, library designers decided to create an interactive pdf as the basis for the show. There are several cool things about interactive pdfs: Easy to create (in Adobe InDesign!) Easy to share, as anyone with a pdf viewer can view it (i.e., everyone on their own device, on or …

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Library Research Information Sessions 

To all TC faculty: Fellow Library Associate Anne Hayes and I are teaming up with our senior reference librarian extraordinaire Allen Foresta to offer library research information sessions to classes this summer. We tailor our information sessions to fit your course. They can take place either in the classroom or in the library, last for …

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Searching by Subject on EDUCAT 

Learning how to search by subject is a skill that can refine and expand your research capabilities for your coursework at TC and beyond. This is intended as a guide to searching the TC library catalog using subject headings, but the basic principle can be applied to any library catalog and most database searches. There …

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Tips on Searching in ProQuest 

As a TC student, you will likely come across ProQuest during your research. Here are a few tips for using ProQuest's databases. Why would I use ProQuest? ProQuest is one of the major vendors of electronic journals, so many journals and/or articles that may be of interest to you in your research are likely to …

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A Service Design Opportunity 

Here is a reflection on a recent workshop I attended. Check out my thoughts on a library-related project! Do you have any ideas for related projects?

Reposted from Art As Work. Written by Brian Hughes.

I just participated in a two day workshop run by Engine, a UK design group that focuses on applying diverse design processes to designing customer-oriented services. The workshop focused on designing services that are complex by nature, usually involving "four P's": People, Places, Processes, and Products (not to be confused with the four P's of marketing). …

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Update on Tech Malfunction in RH306 

As a library staff member who oversees services, I'd like to provide an update and a reflection on a recent technology malfunction in one of our classroom-sized rooms, Russell Hall 306. What's Wrong and When it Will Be Fixed Our Crestron unit which is the brain of all the classroom technology in 306 failed about …

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Library Presentation for A&HE 5150, Research in Practice 

This virtual handout is intended as an overview of library resources and services of particular relevance for Professor Ruth Vinz's Spring 2011 course A&HE 5150, Research in Practice.  These e-resources have been selected to support the aim of the course, i.e., to examine the role of …

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Library Super Services: Lost and Found 

This mini series of posts about “super” library services is to highlight some of the interesting, hidden, under-utilized, etc. services of the Gottesman library at TC. There are many unique services and resources here at TC –this list is by no means exhaustive. I’m choosing some of my favorites but if anyone would like to …

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5 ways for libraries to utilize the iPad 

If you believe rampant speculation, tomorrow Steve Jobs will announce a new, white, extra thin, USB integrated iPad 2. More importantly, they will probably be cheaper and a little more affordable for libraries. It is a given that iPads could be used in libraries as digital lending devices, but the reach of possibilities extends much …

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