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Why Startups Need Libraries (And Librarians) 

Thank you for this informative post, Lauren!

Reposted from Lauren Restivo. Written by laurenrestivo.

The Startup Buzz Tomorrow, the United States will celebrate National Entrepreneurs' Day, which began in 2010 when the Obama administration first proclaimed November as National Entrepreneur Month. Paired a few months later with the 2011 launch of the Startup America initiative, National Entrepreneur Day recognizes, for the first time, the American entrepreneurial spirit as a …

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Electronic Visualization and the Arts 

Just as the TC library took down its data visualization exhibit a few weeks ago, Pratt Institute School of Information and Library Science professor Chris Sula was winning best paper for his paper "Quantifying Culture: The Value of Visualization inside (and outside) Libraries, Museums, and the Academy" at the Electronic Visualization and the Arts 2012 …

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Kick off Open Access Week 2012: Webcast June 19 

SPARC will host a webcast on June 19, 2012 to kick off Open Access Week. Here are the details from their website: Open Access Week 2012 Kickoff Webcast Invitation: June 19, 2012 It's a kickoff Webcast for this year's Open Access Week. We have three distinguished speakers who will showcase the state of open access …

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Everything is Miscellaneous by David Weinberger 

If you want to know what we're learning in core classes at library science school these days, just take a look at this video. I won't say that it covers everything I learned in class is in the video, but I will say that everything in the video is something I learned in class. While …

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Library Literacy in Higher Education: A METRO Workshop 

On Tuesday, September 13, 2011, I attended a workshop at the headquarters of the Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO) at 57 East 11th Street.  The event, subtitled "Novel Approaches to Assessment and Collaborative Instruction," presented the experience and findings of librarians at two New York …

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New York Philharmonic Expands Digital Archive 

For digital archives and performing arts enthusiasts, March 22 was an exciting day. The New York Philharmonic Archives launched its second set of materials on their digital archive. Now everyone, from researchers across the globe and classical music fans here in New York, can openly search the digitized materials, which now include scores, programs, images, …

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Circulation and Room Booking Roundup, Fall 2011 

Two of the library's most popular services are meeting room reservations and materials checkouts. Here they are in numbers for the Fall semester: From September through today, there have been 13,456 checkouts and 11,646 checkins at the Gottesman first floor desk. This includes physical books and equipment like laptops. The TC Community booked almost 5,000 …

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Digital Public Library of America “Beta Sprint” 

Via the always-interesting Chronicle of Higher Education, I present to you the Digital Public Library of America's "Beta Sprint" Program: The Beta Sprint seeks, ideas, models, prototypes, technical tools, user interfaces, etc. – put forth as a written statement, a visual display, code, or a combination of forms – that demonstrate how the DPLA might …

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The Secret Life of Libraries 

I came across this article at The Guardian recently and found it thoroughly delightful. It offers some thoughts and anecdotes about libraries, as their funding comes under attack in Britain as it has in the United States. For instance, did you know that some books were once stored off of the shelves not due to …

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Shelf Reading: A Thing of the Past? 

This semester, I've been celebrating the end of each week with an hours-long Friday morning shelf reading session here at the TC library. For the uninitiated, shelf reading is the tedious process of checking each and every book on the shelf, one by one, to verify that they are in order. It's fairly mind-numbing. So, of …

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“Leave the libraries alone. You don’t understand their value.” 

As an MLS student, I’m pretty up on library news. Within the past few weeks I’ve read that the mayor and other town officials in Enfield Connecticut pressured the public library to cancel a screening of Michael Moore’s Sicko. I read that Governor Brown of California is working on suspending all state funding for public …

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Practitioner Research – The Workplace Scholar 

As you may recall, I spent last week working myself into a tizzy over my first public-speaking engagement. I desperately tried to hone my skills, mostly using public-speaking podcasts as my training mechanism. Friday night, I flew out to Milwaukee to present the following morning at the University of Wisconsin’s School of Information Studies Student …

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