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Today in History: Library of Congress Is Established 

If you happen to stroll along First Street in our nation's capitol, you will stop dead in your tracks to admire the Thomas Jefferson Building, a grand example of the Beaux Arts; marble, granite, gold, bronze, and mahogany are among the fine materials used in a lead design by 19th century Washington¬†architects, John L. Smithmeyer …

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Using the Library of Congress in Your Classroom 

If you are looking for ways to incorporate primary source materials into your classroom, make the most of historical documents, or make better use of one's library's archives, The Library of Congress has created a set of handy online guides with explicit instructions for doing each of these things. As you may (or may not) …

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What’s in a subject heading, anyway? 

A post by Allen Foresta on this very same blog inspired me to reconsider (positively) my love of subject headings assigned by the Library of Congress. ¬†A quick explanation of what these are, for the uninitiated: as a form of bibliographic control, the Library of Congress assigns books subject headings, which enable users to search …

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Library of Congress National Jukebox 

Amazing! Check it out! The Library of Congress has been making some of their historical music collections available for listening. A lot of the music that's currently available was recorded between 1901 and 1925. Much of it is pre-microphone acoustical, playing music into a giant horn: The other super exciting feature on this website …

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Adding RSS Feeds to Blackboard 

At this year's Baruch Teaching and Technology conference, I attended a session on how to insert RSS feeds in Blackboard. For those unfamiliar, RSS or Real Simple Syndication is a feed format that can be aggregated with a reader like Google Reader or on a website, like in Blackboard. Once you subsribe to a feed …

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