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Learning at the Library

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The Learning Theater Revealed 

Over the last two years, I have had the great privilege of working in the newly opened Smith Learning Theater here on the 4th floor of the Gottesman Libraries at Teachers College Columbia University in NYC. As we pass the one-year anniversary of the opening of the space, I want to reflect on some highlights, challenges, …

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News Display: Iran Hostage Crisis Ends 

We occasionally see Barry Rosen around the neighborhood and remember back to his early days at Teachers College, when he worked out of a small office way in back of the fifth floor -- past the library's K-12 curriculum collections and microcomputer lab. Barry came to Teachers College to head up the Department of External Affairs, following …

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The Future Library Project 

Future Library Tree Rings by Katie Paterson In the Library and Information Science field, so much focus is put on improving and changing libraries now and in the immediate future. But what about imagining what a library might look like in the far future? That's exactly what Scottish artist Katie Paterson is doing by establishing the Future Library, …

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A Fall Library Review! 

It was another busy and bustling semester here at the library. This past fall 7,847 meetings, classes and events were scheduled in the library making up 26,321.5 hours of room usage. This is an increase from the spring of 2013 where the library held 6,817 room bookings with 17,834 hours. The room in the library …

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Learning at Library School! 

When I tell people I’m getting my Masters degree in Library Science, the reaction is usually, “you need a Masters to be a librarian?” Yes, you do! The art of finding information can be difficult, even complex, depending on the research topic. And there’s much more to being a librarian than just books! This past …

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Why Startups Need Libraries (And Librarians) 

Thank you for this informative post, Lauren!

Reposted from Lauren Restivo. Written by laurenrestivo.

The Startup Buzz Tomorrow, the United States will celebrate National Entrepreneurs' Day, which began in 2010 when the Obama administration first proclaimed November as National Entrepreneur Month. Paired a few months later with the 2011 launch of the Startup America initiative, National Entrepreneur Day recognizes, for the first time, the American entrepreneurial spirit as a …

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The Library as Publisher? 

James LaRue, director of the Douglas County Libraries, recently wrote an essay for the American Libraries Magazine suggesting that libraries should expand their services to book publishing. His argument is that, in our shifting digital landscape, libraries are in the perfect position to serve as content creators in addition to being content collectors. The library …

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One Horse Open: Fall Education Program 

Dashing through the Fall,  For our students and a song, O’er the library dear, Galloping along, Sounds in Everett ring, Posters oh, so bright, What fun it is to laugh and sing, With TC’eans, a happy sight! Oh, Ed Program, Ed Program, When to grow our minds, Oh, what fun it is to think and …

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Kick off Open Access Week 2012: Webcast June 19 

SPARC will host a webcast on June 19, 2012 to kick off Open Access Week. Here are the details from their website: Open Access Week 2012 Kickoff Webcast Invitation: June 19, 2012 It's a kickoff Webcast for this year's Open Access Week. We have three distinguished speakers who will showcase the state of open access …

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The Othmer Library at the Brooklyn Historical Society 

This past weekend, I went on a Big Onion Walking Tour of Historic Brooklyn Heights. The tour ended at the Brooklyn Historical Society where we received a very brief orientation of the Othmer Library. This particular library has the largest collection of materials about Brooklyn, in addition to other historical documents about Long Island, the …

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Library Your Way Around Town, Part 3 

Unless you've been intentionally living in deep seclusion over these past months, you have heard of this thing called Occupy Wall Street. (If you have not heard of this, please let me know how you have been able to accomplish this level of seclusion. I've got finals coming up...) So assuming you have heard of …

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NINJa Printing: Free printing on the Columbia campus 

NINJa printing -- sounds bad-ass right? Well, it is! The NINJa printing system is what you can use to print your quota at one of the many libraries or computer labs on the Columbia campus or one of its affiliate campuses! A Teacher's College student may print up to 20 pages per week (for free) …

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Library Your Way Around Town, Part 2 

Another weekend, another library. After sampling delicious food at Smorgasburg with friends (the more friends you bring, the more things you can try), we moseyed on over to the Brooklyn Art Library (103A N. 3rd Street, Williamsburg). The library is an extension of Art House and includes art supplies, vintage books that you can buy, …

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Library Your Way Around Town 

I celebrated National Museum Day (Sept. 24) at the Morgan Museum and Library (224 Madison Avenue, Manhattan). I would highly recommend a visit: Happy Birthday, Dickens! In honor of his 200th birthday, the Morgan has a special exhibition that includes original manuscripts, illustrations, and personal letters, as well as films and lectures throughout the upcoming …

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A Library Guide: Interlibrary Loan vs. Borrow Direct 

What happens after you've searched both Educat (TC's library catalog) and Clio (Columbia's library catalog) for an item and still can't find it? No worries.  As a student or faculty, you can borrow books from other non-Columbia libraries by using Interlibrary Loan or Borrow Direct.  Before choosing which to use, it's important to know …

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Robot-powered libraries: the future is now 

The University of Chicago has a brand new library: The Joe and Rika Mansueto Library, opening next week, is designed to accommodate the way people study and research today — online. The structure’s large spaces are made for computer work and have no traditional bookshelves. Instead, the library boasts a massive underground storage area holding …

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The Secret Life of Libraries 

I came across this article at The Guardian recently and found it thoroughly delightful. It offers some thoughts and anecdotes about libraries, as their funding comes under attack in Britain as it has in the United States. For instance, did you know that some books were once stored off of the shelves not due to …

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Turning Libraries Into “TechShops” 

I recently read a fascinating article: "Is It Time To Rebuild & Retool Public Libraries And Make 'TechShops?'" After reviewing some basic information about public library usage and funding and showing some examples of technology-driven shared workspaces, the author argues that we ought to consider converting at least some public libraries into TechShops. This …

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Holiday Data Snapshot 

I was browsing our site analytics today and I thought it'd be fun to share a little snippet of data. Here is a table with information on pageviews over the past month (12/14/2010 to 1/13/2011), by author: Analysis Now, our Pressible publishing project isn't a contest, but... it's kind of fun to see how different …

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Out with the books, in with the caffeine 

Recently, this article caught my eye on the education blog circuit: Lamar High's Library Ousts Books, Re-Opens as Coffee Shop A Texas high school's principal has had the books removed from the library in order to make room for a couch and coffee setup. Students may use the space to lounge and access the library's …

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