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Making Sense of the Election Process: Resources for Teachers 

You know it’s almost November 4th by the volume of political advertisements on TV that school-aged kids like to make fun of (for some very good reasons). The upcoming elections, however, also pose a real opportunity for teaching about voting and encouraging young people to be more active in the political process. For teachers interested …

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Announcing the Upcoming Teachers Lab at Brooklyn Public Library 

An upcoming workshop aimed at New York City teachers of grades 4-12 will focus on teaching and learning resources available through the Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) and is targeted towards sparking innovative lesson plan design. Taught by experienced librarians and special guests, the “Teachers Lab” is a free two-week course running from August 11-22 that …

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Teaching Current Events: Resources for Teachers 

News stories offer many possibilities when it comes to bringing new topics to life in the classroom. For one thing, teaching students about current events allows for a multitude of opportunities to help students understand contemporary culture and gather their thoughts on issues as they unfold. Current events can be used as jumping off points …

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Using the Library of Congress in Your Classroom 

If you are looking for ways to incorporate primary source materials into your classroom, make the most of historical documents, or make better use of one's library's archives, The Library of Congress has created a set of handy online guides with explicit instructions for doing each of these things. As you may (or may not) …

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The Magic School Bus 

When I was a child, one of my favorite book series were "The Magic School Bus" books. In each book kooky Ms. Frizzle would take her students on one amazing adventure after another. I still remember how much I loved it when Ms. Frizzle shrank the entire class - including the bus - to a …

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