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Today in History: Tribute to Steve Jobs 

Remember your first Apple product? Maybe it was a computer, device for playing and storing audio, touch screen, or phone? Sleek and sexy technology at the cutting edge. Intuitive, fun, delightful, addictive, always changing.  Or... when the library migrated over from the Dells, becoming beautifully populated with bright new Macs? Our fleet was under command …

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Finding a Suitable PDF App for the iPad 

In developing the Scholars at TC show, library designers decided to create an interactive pdf as the basis for the show. There are several cool things about interactive pdfs: Easy to create (in Adobe InDesign!) Easy to share, as anyone with a pdf viewer can view it (i.e., everyone on their own device, on or …

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5 ways for libraries to utilize the iPad 

If you believe rampant speculation, tomorrow Steve Jobs will announce a new, white, extra thin, USB integrated iPad 2. More importantly, they will probably be cheaper and a little more affordable for libraries. It is a given that iPads could be used in libraries as digital lending devices, but the reach of possibilities extends much …

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Resolve to read more with Instapaper 

Happy New Year to all patrons and friends of the Gottesman Libraries! Hopefully, at least some of you have made the resolution to read more this year. Of course, the wide world of the Internet is full of quality reading material: breaking news, long-form journalism, blogs, personal websites, and more. In fact, it's easy to …

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