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Just Look at That Art! 

Happen to see our latest e-board and website ads? Our inspiration draws from the Gottesman Libraries Historical Art Collections, where we incorporate unique pieces by artists, young and old, from all over the world – Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Egypt, New York, and in between. Click on the italicized title and read “About the work” for …

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Dear Great Teachers, Thanks for Teaching Us. 

For this back to school season, TBD is hosting ThanksForTeaching.Us, a 30 day campaign to recognize amazing teachers all over the world. Feel free to post about teachers who have inspired you or check out the letters for ideas in your own classroom, such as quoting Simpsons episodes to demonstrate the relevancy of pop culture …

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Life Inspiration with Emily Grossman 

With footsteps in the sand before the tide, it's hard to tell the coming from the going, the beginning from the end. They form a path, often obscure, to some point of return, or no return. It's a curiosity to stand in another set of prints and imagine the person to whom they belong, comparing …

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