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Open Library of Humanities Launches 

The open access movement just got one tick stronger. The Open Library of Humanities (OLH), an initiative aiming provide support for openly accessible humanities scholarship, was launched just a little over a week ago. Founded by Dr. Martin Paul Eve and Dr. Caroline Edwards, both professors of contemporary English literature at the University of Lincoln (UK), …

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Digital Humanities in Action: Transcribe Bentham 

Are you a philosophy enthusiast? A fan of the panopticon? And utilitarianism? Or do you just like old manuscripts?  Even if none of these appeal to you whatsoever, you could still be a volunteer for a very exciting project with the University College London, Transcribe Bentham. This is a crowdsourcing initiative with the goal of …

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Self-Help Reading at the Library 

In the beginning of human existence life was short and hard like a body building elf. I imagine that humans on a whole, at the time, were more concerned about food, shelter, and tending to offspring. The simple life did not leave as much time for thinking. With the transition from the jungle of sticks …

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