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How to clean your Mac 

On the coldest days of winter, I often dream it’s actually spring. And if it were spring, I would certainly be spring cleaning!  This winter, I've started my annual spring cleaning process early by thinking up ways to spruce up my 4 year old MacBook. It takes longer to load videos than it once did, …

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Using Vialogues in Your Classroom 

If you are searching for an interactive video social media space to help your classroom actively (and digitally) debate theoretical concepts that emerge when watching video, look no further than EdLab's own Vialogues software. A combination of the words "video" and "dialogue," Vialogues is an interactive social media tool developed specifically for educators looking to …

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Searching for Textbooks 

If you are part of Teachers College, whether as a student, faculty member, or visiting scholar, it's likely that you will need to search for textbooks at the library at some point. Perhaps it's a middle school earth science textbook you need to evaluate for a class at TC, or perhaps it's an elementary math …

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Searching by Subject on EDUCAT 

Learning how to search by subject is a skill that can refine and expand your research capabilities for your coursework at TC and beyond. This is intended as a guide to searching the TC library catalog using subject headings, but the basic principle can be applied to any library catalog and most database searches. There …

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“My professor said this is on reserve”: E-reserves vs. books on reserve 

During your first few classes, you likely had a professor or two mention that the readings or textbooks for the course are on reserve at the library. Or at the library. Or on course reserves. Or on e-reserves. These mysterious utterances seem to mean pretty much the same thing, however, they can actually have one …

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How To: Requesting Materials for e-reserve 

The semester is about to begin, and if you're a faculty member, you may be wondering how to put the articles and chapters you've been collecting for your courses this semester on e-reserve for your students. Luckily, the library website has a fantastic FAQ on just this subject! You can access the faculty guide to …

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