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Designing the Space You Most Want and Need 

Let’s just call it your….HOME! That was the Design challenge that was happily addressed at the recent Socratic Conversation (5/29) conducted by Ron Gross. Each participant began by identifying four major values which they sought in designing their living space, and then shared one which they felt would be unique in the group – and …

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Home Fortitude 

Built in 1870, our house survived the Great Chicago Fire. She witnessed from her large bay windows the greedy flames devouring our town after Bessie, the cow, kicked over the lantern in the O’Leary’s barn. Just how close she was in her infancy, I could never be sure, but the sight and smell must have …

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Flying Geese: A Quilt Story 

I trace the short curve of the neck, crest of the head, and “s” shape of the flying geese, admiring the fine stitching and light, puffy cotton. There are alternate shades of light and dark, yellow and green -- floral patterns in triangles bordered by the darker print and secured with a calico backing in …

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