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834 Years 

This is a photograph I took of Notre Dame in 1997, when the cathedral was 834 years old. I still love how sad the gargoyles look in this image and how they show the wear of many years in the elements. Watching this amazing work of art and architecture burn left me feeling sad and …

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Library Services, Spring 2015: Commencing, Present and Past 

Teachers College Faculty And Student Group in the Grove. (Ca. 1896) Since it's the season, it seems timely to illustrate this report with photographs of Teachers College commencements from the somewhat distant (late 19th/early 20th century) past.  It is fairly remarkable to note the size of graduating classes during that early era in the College's history; it's also somewhat surprising to observe how …

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On stairs, dents, and photographs 

A few weeks ago, while walking down the stairs from the fourth floor of Russell Hall, I noticed something.  I hadn't noticed it before, maybe because I don't look down much while walking down stairs, although I probably should, given that I always seem to have my brain focused on my phone as I roam …

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