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834 Years 

This is a photograph I took of Notre Dame in 1997, when the cathedral was 834 years old. I still love how sad the gargoyles look in this image and how they show the wear of many years in the elements. Watching this amazing work of art and architecture burn left me feeling sad and …

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Found! Postcards from the Past 

Some vintage postcards depicting Teachers College many moons ago were unearthed from some crevice of the 5th Floor and landed on my desk Monday morning. I wanted to share them here, as well as on Pocket Knowledge, TC's digital archive. I love the retro "Post Card" script on the back, as well as the …

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The Faculty Song of the Class of 1906 Illustrated with Historic Photographs from the Teachers College Archives 

Oh! She came up to College just for fun, But found before her work was done 'T was no loafing place up here. Chorus: No loafing place up here-- Teachers College-- No loafing place up here; She went to the Dean to plead her case But the  Dean cried out, "No loafing place-- No loafing …

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