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Today in History: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Is Published 

Why were magazines and newspapers so instrumental in the publication of detective stories? Does the book format elevate popular reading? What educational methods can we adapt from sleuthing? How does our work in libraries fit in? Ever consider the relevance of Sherlock Holmes on Halloween? Care to investigate the paranormal at Teachers College? On October 31, …

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Trick or treat? What is the question? 

So this weekend, while considering the age-old question, "What night do kids go trick or treating when Halloween falls on a school night?"  I began thinking more about the origins of the saying, "trick or treat?" I'm pretty sure I learned this at one time or another, probably in primary school when the teachers knew …

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Library Ghosts 

Libraries can be scary places.  Perhaps the theoretical underpinnings of the library as an institution is to blame for this (see an earlier post on this subject), or simply the experience of searching for a book all alone in a tall, narrow aisle in the deserted stacks, where any slight noise makes you jump.  Whatever …

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Festivities in the Library Stacks 

It recently dawned on me that I have worked at the library through St. Patrick's day, Halloween and Diwali. It struck me that working for an information store house had done little for my own awareness about these major days of celebration. I did some research and talked to a few people and found out …

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All Hallow’s Read 

This is a bit belated, but I wanted to share with you this great idea for Halloween called All Hallow's Read. What's the point? Instead of giving candy for Halloween this year, All Hallow's Read, an idea cooked up by author Neil Gaiman on Twitter, encourages giving friends scary books. Off the top of my …

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For Halloween: Educate, then Entertain 

Hallowe'en is upon us. Most of us are too old to go trick-or-treating, including myself. This is hard for me to admit; access to a younger brother allowed me to gather candy in my small-town Maine neighborhood as late as age 23. I painted my face and concealed my height behind my preteen group of …

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Unusual Graveyard 

The granite tombstones are gray and crooked, their engravings barely legible from weathering more than a century of rain, sand, and Atlantic hurricanes. Purple sea grapes border the cholera graveyard which rests peacefully on a bluff near the old Hopetown fire station. We see white caps glimmering in the pure light of the moon, a …

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Horr-or-ble Seasonal Reading 

As a Halloween treat this season, I thought I'd post a combination of two things I love: thrillers and “best of” lists. All are in the short story format (taking into consideration something I don't love, midterms!)  I hope you find some time to scare yourself, at least once, this Halloween season. Mua ah ah!! …

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