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Learning at the Library

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Learning at Library School! 

When I tell people I’m getting my Masters degree in Library Science, the reaction is usually, “you need a Masters to be a librarian?” Yes, you do! The art of finding information can be difficult, even complex, depending on the research topic. And there’s much more to being a librarian than just books! This past …

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How To Write 1000 Words A Day 

As we approach the end of the semester, you may be wondering: "How on earth am I going to find a way to write X pages of papers before Y?!," where X is some obscenely large number and where Y is some extremely close date. Happily, however, I have found a new resource for you: …

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The Foundation Center 

At one time the penniless grad student seemed a very romantic portrait.  But now, those visions of waxing intellectual  whilst donning your thick-rimmed glasses and smoking Gauloise cigarettes in your professor's weekly salon has been replaced by smelly, scary subway riders, a travel mug full of cheap coffee and a roommate who gives lectures on …

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