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Today in History: Google Is Incorporated 

Did you know that it is twenty years since Google was incorporated? On August 31st, 1998 Stanford University alumni / computer whizzes Larry Page and Sergey Brin filed Google for incorporation in the state of California. The young entrepreneurs worked from a small office in a garage in Menlo Park and went on to open their …

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Google + 

Like more than 4 million other people, I'm up and running on Google +. Not at all phased by the disappointing Wave, Buzz or Orkut, I eagerly accepted my + invitation despite knowing little about it. (What can I say?  I'm a glass- half- full kind of girl.) I usually wait to sign on to …

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A Google a Day 

Dear Google, I’m sure you already know this, but for many undergraduate and graduate students around the country and world, the semester is over. For a lot of us, that means an end to classes, exams, research, constant engagement with scholarly material, reading, maybe even thinking for a while. Summer is synomous with slowing down, …

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Love and Google 

I’m falling too hard for Google. With news of the dismissal of the settlement which would give Google rights to sell the thousands of digitized out-of-print and orphan books in their archive, I found myself upset for all the wrong reasons. It kills me that Google has a huge cache of rare books chilling in …

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Research help from the masses 

Google gets a lot of questions. Just try typing one of the five Ws (and one H) into Google and seeing what auto-completes. I think most of us, like Scotty in San Francisco circa 1986 (see right), wish we could just ask our computers a question and get an answer, no browsing of web pages …

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