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Learning at the Library

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Sensational Gods: A Winter Book Collection 

Drawn to the festive red and green, we note the powdered face of the Elizabethan court jester. The comic fool, yet not the fool in serving to provide witty insight and advice to the King, whom he may also mock. Dark eyes aslant, there’s a pursed smile…deciding, disapproving, lying? We muse on what student Burdett had in …

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Atheists in America Book Talk 

The library hosted a book talk the other night with Melanie Elyse Brewster, Assistant Professor of Counseling Psychology at TC, and Co-Founder of the Sexuality, Women, & Gender Project. Library staff should watch this Vialogue and discuss (in Vialogues!) better ways to capture library events with video. No idea is too small to be valuable! Upon …

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