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Learning at the Library

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Feeding Our Flame: A Campfire Conversation to Fuel Our Resolutions for the New Year 

Happy 2014! Marshmallows-on-sticks to hand, a group of 16 conversationalists gathered in the Socratic circle to fire up the New Year. While books on display focused on themes of gratitude, commitment, and life change, comments on the flip chart sparked thoughts for new beginnings: Better health. Finding three new good friends. Need more income to …

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Motivation and Goals 

As an Organizational Psychology major, I often hear about motivation and  goal-setting in class. Without either, we are simply task-doers lacking the ability to efficiently achieve our goals. With clearly defined goals and a timeline in which to achieve them, the possibility of success is much greater. The widely used acronym in business is SMART goals: …

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Creating a library of the future 

This is our library: the Gottesman Libraries. The books are in the tower; the rest is in the adjoining Russell Hall. This is our space, and our community's space. You might say we (the library staff) merely preside over it. Or something. But of course we aim to do much more. We are trying to …

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