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Today in History: Getty Museum Receives Largest Endowment 

On February 28th, 1982 the J. Paul Getty Museum received the largest endowment in the history of funding for the arts -- a whopping $1.2 billion from the late Minneapolis-born billionaire, Jean Paul Getty (1892-1976), who made his fortune in oil and art. His wealth was fiercely contested by family and ex-family members -- allowing it to …

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Graduate Fellowships: A Sampling 

In his 1969 film "Take the Money and Run", Woody Allen stars as the bumbling would-be bank robber Virgil Starkwell.  In perhaps the funniest scene, Virgil attempts yet another robbery, only to be foiled by his own terrible handwriting. Instead of scaring the clerks, his letter causes such consternation among the bank's staff that they …

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The Foundation Center 

At one time the penniless grad student seemed a very romantic portrait.  But now, those visions of waxing intellectual  whilst donning your thick-rimmed glasses and smoking Gauloise cigarettes in your professor's weekly salon has been replaced by smelly, scary subway riders, a travel mug full of cheap coffee and a roommate who gives lectures on …

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On Private Funding 

For years I had and loved a jade plant, a common household Crassula ovata, even if it never had the fortune to bear small pink or white flowers. It required normal watering in the summer, when the soil was dry, and very little watering in colder months. But the dry heat of our New York …

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