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Today in History: May Day 

….Round them and above, Glitter, with dark recesses interposed, Casement, and cottage-roof, and stems of trees Half-veiled in vapoury cloud, the silver steam Of dews fast melting on their leafy boughs By the strong sunbeams smitten. Like a mast Of gold, the Maypole shines; as if the rays Of morning, aided by exhaling dew, With …

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Spring Flowers: Cultivating the Education Program 

A trio of four-year olds arrives quietly, ushered in by young teachers. They tiptoe along the carpeted path to my desk by the southerly first floor windows, as we’re preparing a workshop on services for budding alumni. Lemon rose, coral tulip, and purple sweet william are tied in fuchsia-colored satin, an annual token of appreciation …

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