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TC Program Snapshot 

Here's a quick look at which TC students have signed up to create content on Pressible!

Reposted from Pressible Development. Written by Brian Hughes.

Thanks to our sign-up form, we have “TC Program” information for the last 200 Authors to sign up (out of 1,072 Authors affiliated with TC programs or offices). The number of Authors in each Program/area is as follows: Adult Learning and Leadership - 1 Anthropology and Education - 1 Applied Statistics - 1 Art & Art …

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Why Startups Need Libraries (And Librarians) 

Thank you for this informative post, Lauren!

Reposted from Lauren Restivo. Written by laurenrestivo.

The Startup Buzz Tomorrow, the United States will celebrate National Entrepreneurs' Day, which began in 2010 when the Obama administration first proclaimed November as National Entrepreneur Month. Paired a few months later with the 2011 launch of the Startup America initiative, National Entrepreneur Day recognizes, for the first time, the American entrepreneurial spirit as a …

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Talk Back to the Internet 

Sounds like a great digital art event! See you there?

Reposted from Myers Media Art Studio. Written by mediaartstudio.

Talk Back to the Internet a making workshop event Myers Media Art Studio, Program in Art & Art Education Organized by Sean Justice & Richard Jochum, and sponsored by the Myers Media Art Studio, Program in Art & Art Education. Led by Don Miller, an artist and learning designer. (See below for a short bio …

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A Service Design Opportunity 

Here is a reflection on a recent workshop I attended. Check out my thoughts on a library-related project! Do you have any ideas for related projects?

Reposted from Art As Work. Written by Brian Hughes.

I just participated in a two day workshop run by Engine, a UK design group that focuses on applying diverse design processes to designing customer-oriented services. The workshop focused on designing services that are complex by nature, usually involving "four P's": People, Places, Processes, and Products (not to be confused with the four P's of marketing). …

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