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Atheists in America Book Talk 

The library hosted a book talk the other night with Melanie Elyse Brewster, Assistant Professor of Counseling Psychology at TC, and Co-Founder of the Sexuality, Women, & Gender Project. Library staff should watch this Vialogue and discuss (in Vialogues!) better ways to capture library events with video. No idea is too small to be valuable! Upon …

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Would It Kill You to Talk about Death for an Hour? 

In fact, it didn't! Participants adopted a lively, healthy approach to discussing the Inevitable at a recent Socratic Conversation conducted by Ron Gross, co-chair of the Columbia University Seminar on Innovation in Education. Spurred by Sam Harris’ video, It Is Always Now (which looks philosophically at the present moment and why it’s important to live …

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Debriefing Socrates: Why Do We Do the Right Thing? 

Our recent Socratic conversation brought up many interesting observations, chief among them: The sheer entanglement of factors: conscience, reason, science, emotions, religion, tradition, upbringing, education, law, honor, fear, biology. We can’t always explain the motivations for doing the right thing. There are differences between a civic society and a moral one. We need to listen …

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Debriefing Socrates: Singlism, Marriage, Partnership, or…? What’s the Right Choice for You? 

What are our options in long-term relationships today?  How free are we to choose what suits us best – and how free should we be? Are our choices constrained by stereotyping and discrimination? Among the questions addressed in this session were: 1.   What choices for your long-term relationships have you made, or are you considering? 2.   …

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Patent in Play 

Her favorite blue jeans sport a gaping hole across the right knee,  seam to seam. Hand-me-down from her brother and previously her neighbor, the Polos are faded comfortably to a soft speckled gray in some places, reminding us of tiny eggs in a bird’s nest. Together we ponder the first real bike ride, seeing her …

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Stolen Bikes 

I gaze high up at the brightly lit stage, feeling lost in the large musty space. Within an instant I recognize three familiar banana seats – one of them a girl’s– only it is crusted over with thick, bruised blue paint, not light sparkling yellow as before. My brothers’ bikes are quickly wheeled in by …

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My Love For Alice 

Alice Miller changed my life. I know that sounds a bit dramatic, but for the psychology folk out there, take note.  Alice Miller is absolutely, without a doubt, a must read.  Even if you have never studied psychology or counseling and never plan to, as long as you have been a child, (and I think …

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Flying Geese: A Quilt Story 

I trace the short curve of the neck, crest of the head, and “s” shape of the flying geese, admiring the fine stitching and light, puffy cotton. There are alternate shades of light and dark, yellow and green -- floral patterns in triangles bordered by the darker print and secured with a calico backing in …

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Remembering Lincoln 

Abe Lincoln When I was eight, my father treated  us to a very special  field trip -- a visit to Macon County, Illinois, where my three brothers and I stood on hallowed ground: the spot where Abraham Lincoln lived as a young man. I remember the sweltering hot summer's day, having journeyed hundreds of miles …

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Summer Resources for Families 

Schools are winding down, as those dog days of summer approach. Teachers grade final exams, prepare summer reading assignments, ponder the year past,  mail the report card, relish the staff lunch, take down the classroom calendar. We ask fellow parents what they're doing -big gulp - once the school year closes. There's usually a look …

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