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Future Textile Library in the Gottesman Libraries 

The perfect blend of high tech and high fashion is now on display in the Second Floor Reading Room. Wearable Media, a group focusing on bringing data to life through engineering and cutting-edge textile design, installed the Future Textile Library as a display of how many boundaries can be pushed when art and science are …

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Nesting in the Collaboration Space 

“What's that big discoball on the second floor?", a student asked. "It's actually a nest!", I exclaimed. You, too, may have noticed our newest piece of art funded by The Myers Trust as part of the Library's Exhibitions Program. Intrigued by the "Reading Nest" at the Cleveland Public Library, the library design team …

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See the ABC of It! 

Through March 23, the NYPL's Schwarzman Building is host to an illuminating exhibition on children's books: The ABC of It: Why Children's Books Matter. Although it's safe to say that most people in the TC community are already convinced that children's books matter, a peek at this show reveals the hidden historical context of many …

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Library as Exhibition Space 

There are many ideas about what libraries should be in today's world and what libraries should offer patrons. As the needs of libraries evolve with the ever changing landscape of technology and academia, libraries are exploring the different roles they can play. On this blog we recently wrote about the library as a publisher. On …

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Hello, Education Program 

Opening Days. A flutter of fresh faces. A rousing rag and a fallen moustache. A wandering through floors, librarians leading. A panoply of news. A flurry of questions. Woodwinds rising. Leaves turning. Student, teacher, writer, artist, friend uniting. So begins the Education Program, to inform about the latest thinking in education and engage members of …

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Finding a Suitable PDF App for the iPad 

In developing the Scholars at TC show, library designers decided to create an interactive pdf as the basis for the show. There are several cool things about interactive pdfs: Easy to create (in Adobe InDesign!) Easy to share, as anyone with a pdf viewer can view it (i.e., everyone on their own device, on or …

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Check this out: Design with the other 90% Exhibit 

Check out this exciting Cooper Hewitt curated exhibit at the U.N. entitled: Design with the other 90%: Cities Dates: On view from October 15 to January 9, 2012 Location: Main Gallery, United Nations Visitors Lobby

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Flying Geese: A Quilt Story 

I trace the short curve of the neck, crest of the head, and “s” shape of the flying geese, admiring the fine stitching and light, puffy cotton. There are alternate shades of light and dark, yellow and green -- floral patterns in triangles bordered by the darker print and secured with a calico backing in …

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