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Spring Call for TC Student Musicians! 

Come showcase your talents this Spring at the Everett Cafe! We sponsor live music by TC students during peak hours, Mondays through Thursdays, between 4 and 7pm. Performances are scheduled each week for an hour, and for all to enjoy, whether attendees gather informally on the stairwell or listen over coffee. Acoustic instrumentalists and vocalists performing …

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Unbound: Remixing the Classics 

You could be serving a mango mule (mocktail) to the tune of Moby - Go (Woodtick Mix), or dancing "Cool" in West Side Story after seeing Warhol's Campbell's Soup Cans. A remix appropriates or changes other materials to create something new, be it food or drink, song, artwork, photograph, video, or book. So, while getting creative with old …

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Dreaming with Machines: A New Everett Cafe Book Display 

Perhaps the dream started with Leonardo, the greatest artist whose telling notebooks include fantastic drawings of "smart" machines -- a parachute, helicopter, tank, mechanical knight, and many other curious mechanical devices. Leonardo certainly amused the Italian royalty, but his dreams came to fruition -- enabling the creative and logical connection between humans and technology. We remember that he was not …

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Today in History: St Petersburg Is Founded 

The city of St. Petersburg itself was dressed in an ermine robe of snow, its frozen river and canals glittering like the duchesses' diamonds. In the distance the sun shone on the brightly colored domes of the Church of the Resurrection. "Look, Misha, I said, "The domes look like a tumble of crown jewels." (Ch. 1, …

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How to Win an Election: A New Cafe Book Collection 

Did you know that Italian master Foppa Vincenzo painted (circa 1464) "The Young Cicero Reading" as part of his commission to fresco the courtyard of the Banco Mediceo in Milan? How apropos the library poster for the new Everett Cafe book collection, How to Win an Election!, on display now through March 15th, the Ides of March -- …

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With All Seriousness, Comics Find a Permanent Home 

While you may relish reading the Sunday funnies over a cuppa in the coziness of your kitchen, you may also recall perusing Serious Comics, featured earlier this Fall as the lattes lapped Everett to the tune of daily news. The display spoke volumes to the relevance and impact of the comic as an innovative model for new forms …

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Bin Laden’s Bookshelf Moves to Russell Tower 

If you missed Bin Laden's Bookshelf in Everett Café, you’ll get another chance to peruse the telling resources of the founder and head of the Islamist militant group al-Qaeda. The Bin Laden Collection of English-language books is now integrated throughout the circulating research collection, housed in Russell Tower, floors five through two, of the Gottesman …

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Call for Student Musicians 

Come showcase your talents at the Everett Cafe! We sponsor live music Mondays through Thursdays, 4-5pm, 5-6pm, or 6-7pm, scheduling weekly performances at peak cafe hours to maximize enjoyment by our community. Vocalists and acoustic instrumentalists performing classical, folk, jazz, bluegrass, traditional, pop, and/or world music are most welcome, as we strive to suit a …

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A String Trio for Gottesman 

From the third floor landing I hear a surprising, yet bewitchingly familiar piece: Hitchcock’s Marionette Theme, aka Charles Gounod’s Funeral March of a Marionette. Fingers nimbly pluck the strings of the violin, viola, and cello like master puppeteers rhythmically walking a Lafleur, Guignol, or Pulcinella across the stage. Mahogany rich and lusciously light notes dance …

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The Music Traveler: Aria in the Everett Cafe 

An aria is a self-contained piece for one voice usually with orchestral accompaniment, having opera as its most common context. Italian for air, its original definition was an expressive melody. Enter Augustine Sasso, tenor, and Daniel Licardo, guitarist, also known as Aria who began playing music together in high school. Augustine has performed in numerous …

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Sabre Rattlers: Bluegrass at TC 

This weekend on beautiful artificial turf we played with a mini green frisbee that by chance listed all the common kinds of pollen.  The top of the flying disc pictured a yellow leaf within a circle of  named pollens,  stretching my knowledge and associations in ways I hadn’t anticipated; I learned that Kentucky bluegrass is …

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