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Today in History: Common Core Is Launched 

Since its arrival nine years ago, Common Core has greatly impacted the health of our nation's schools. The standards govern how teachers teach and what students study to master English Language Arts and mathematics. The guidelines are meant to shape pedagogy, but in many cases have damaged its essence -- the spirit and structure of teaching and …

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The Supremes: A New Book Collection 

You might be wondering what the biggest 60's American female singing group from Detroit has to do with the Gottesman Libraries? Not too much, really -- other than that they share the same title with the latest Everett Cafe book collection: The Supremes, on display now, through April 30th. It's not Motown that's landed here, with divas Florence …

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Collective trust: why schools can’t improve without it 

Title: Collective trust: why schools can't improve without it Author: Forsyth, Patrick B. , Curt M. Adams and Wayne K. Hoy Publisher: Teachers College Press Call No.: LA217.2 .F66 2011 From the Publisher: The culmination of nearly three decades of research, Collective Trust offers new insight and practical knowledge on the social construction of trust for school improvement. The authors argue that …

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Graduate Fellowships: A Sampling 

In his 1969 film "Take the Money and Run", Woody Allen stars as the bumbling would-be bank robber Virgil Starkwell.  In perhaps the funniest scene, Virgil attempts yet another robbery, only to be foiled by his own terrible handwriting. Instead of scaring the clerks, his letter causes such consternation among the bank's staff that they …

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