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Finding and using data in your research paper 

This month, Harper's Index included some grim education statistics that got me thinking: Minimum number of exams a student must take between third and twelfth grade under No Child Left Behind : 17 Percentage change since 1976 in the test-score gap between the children of America’s richest and poorest deciles : +40 Amount Florida spent per student …

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Graduate Fellowships: A Sampling 

In his 1969 film "Take the Money and Run", Woody Allen stars as the bumbling would-be bank robber Virgil Starkwell.  In perhaps the funniest scene, Virgil attempts yet another robbery, only to be foiled by his own terrible handwriting. Instead of scaring the clerks, his letter causes such consternation among the bank's staff that they …

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Finding Statistics Without Breaking a Sweat 

There is a wealth of statistical material available online, much of it produced by state and federal agencies of various kinds.  An excellent general site titled Statistical Resources:  Print and Internet can be found on Columbia's Lehman Social Sciences Library website.  This index is divided into the following major sections: Background Information & Methodology United …

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