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Strage Prize 2015 with Sonali Rajan 

The Strage Junior Faculty Prize committee honors Sonali Rajan as the 2015 Strage Prize recipient. Since 2012, Dr. Rajan has served as the Assistant Professor of Health Education in the Department of Health and Behavior Studies at Teachers College, Columbia University. At TC, her work has focused chiefly on identifying patterns of risk behavior among youth, …

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Teachers College Community School and Gottesman: Relationships Between Schools and Academic Libraries 

On March 6, 2014, 2nd graders from Teachers College Community School made their way to the Gottesman Libraries to visit the exhibit Transformations of Text and participate in the Finding the Song workshop. Transformations of Text is the work of Susan Ruth Cohen, currently a student in the Art and Art Education Ed.M. program as well as a Teaching Artist and …

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Guest Talk: Zines & Handmade Publications: Possibilities for Personal Expression and Alternative Education 

Guest Talk: Zines & Handmade Publications: Possibilities for Personal Expression and Alternative Education, with Anne Hays & Discussants, Tuesday, 1/28, 4-5:30pm: here in the library at Russell 306 A zine, or fanzine, is a self-published work of original or appropriated texts and images usually produced today by a photocopier and circulated to less than 1,000 …

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Library Resources and Services for Gender, Education and International Development 

Browse the following post to find out more about: •Ask a Librarian Services •Online Catalogs •Federated Search Engines •Periodical Indexes •E-Collections •Reference Materials and Encylopedias •Digital archives (i.e. Pocket Knowledge) •Research Consultations Ask a Librarian! •Under library services on our homepage, click the ‘Ask a Librarian’ link to find out about how to make appointments …

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Library Resources for A&HH 6041 : Historical Method 

This research guide is an overview of library resources specifically prepared for Professor Cally White's class: A&HH6041, Historical Methods. The guide describes resources available within TC, as well as an extended overview of digitally accessible archives in New York State and beyond. Library catalogs ONLINE CATALOGS EDUCAT is the online library catalog at Teachers College. …

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Festival Report: Brooklyn Zine Fest 2013 

Yesterday, I attended the second annual Brooklyn Zine Fest held at Public Assembly in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The event was packed with tablers and with visitors, an impressively successful event.  Tablers ranged from independent zine authors displaying their own zines to zine distros to zine librarians (Barnard represented) to arts organizations. It was an impressive …

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Finding and using data in your research paper 

This month, Harper's Index included some grim education statistics that got me thinking: Minimum number of exams a student must take between third and twelfth grade under No Child Left Behind : 17 Percentage change since 1976 in the test-score gap between the children of America’s richest and poorest deciles : +40 Amount Florida spent per student …

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Smart E-Textbooks: Is it ethical to track your students’ reading? 

The New York Times reported this morning that Texas A&M is using CourseSmart E-Textbooks in class, which allows professors to track whether students open their textbooks, what pages they look at and for how long, and which passages they highlight. The dean of the school of business commented, "It's Big Brother, sort of, but with …

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Using Vialogues in Your Classroom 

If you are searching for an interactive video social media space to help your classroom actively (and digitally) debate theoretical concepts that emerge when watching video, look no further than EdLab's own Vialogues software. A combination of the words "video" and "dialogue," Vialogues is an interactive social media tool developed specifically for educators looking to …

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Finding and Using Handbooks & Manuals (in Art Education): 

This is a short and handy guide to locating handbooks and research manuals in EDUCAT, which is the online catalog containing the bibliographic records of TC Gottesman Libraries monograph collection. How would you locate a handbook in your field of inquiry, assuming your instructor doesn’t simply present you with a bibliography? Well, I’m so glad …

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Resources for A&HA 5922: Master’s Seminar in Art Education (INSTEP) 

This virtual research guide has been created for students in Dr. Razia Sadik's A&HA 5922 Master’s Seminar in Art Education (INSTEP). The resources listed should be relevant for students at any stage of the INSTEP program, from those formulating their thesis ideas to those completing their Master's Special Project. This guide was created by Allen Foresta …

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Shakespeare: To Teach or Not to Teach? 

Last night, I went to see As You Like It as part of the Shakespeare in the Park series. I had never read nor seen this play before, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but it ended up being very funny and enjoyable (though it got out at 11 PM, which was a …

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Technology and pedagogy: We need to talk (?) 

Hybrid Pedagogy, a digital journal and forum devoted to the discussion of teaching and technology, will host a Twitter discussion group from 1:00 -2:00 EST on Friday, June 22, 2012. On the agenda is a debate about the role of technology, and Learning Management Systems in particular, in pedagogy. Sean Michael Morris writes: In the …

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Using the National Archives in your classroom 

Today I got a very exciting email from NARA, the National Archives and Records Association, who released for iPad a set of fantastic teaching guides centered around their digital archives.  The tool is called TeachDocs, and by using it teachers can find ready-made lesson plans that place photos and documents from the National Archives collection …

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White middle-class identities and urban schooling 

Title: White middle-class identities and urban schooling Authors: Diane Reay, Gill Crozier, David James Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan Call Number: HT690.G7 R43 2011 From the Publisher: Decades of neo-liberal reforms have established a market in secondary schooling, where 'choice' and 'diversity' are expected to drive up standards and maximize individual responsibility. This is known to favour …

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Teaching Second Language Reading 

Title: Teaching Second Language Reading Author: Thom Hudson Publisher: Oxford University Press, 2007 Call Number: P53.75 .H83 2007 From the Publisher: This book examines a variety of approaches from classrooms and research that are used for teaching reading, and explores teaching methods focused on strategies. About the Author: Thom Hudson, Professor of Second Language Studies …

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Natural Learning For A Connected World: Education, Technology, And The Human Brain 

Title: Natural Learning For A Connected World: Education, Technology, And The Human Brain Author: Renate N. Caine and Geoffrey Caine Publisher: Teachers College Press (April 1, 2011) Call Number: LB1060 .C334 2011 From The Publisher: Were I younger and more vigorous, I would go on the road again just to promote this book. . . . presents an …

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The Influence of Teachers: Reflections on Teaching and Leadership 

Title: The influence of teachers: reflections on teaching and leadership Author: John Merrow Publisher:  LM Books Call number: LA217.2 .M47 2011 From the Publisher: How can schools and teachers change to keep up with the current educational landscape, a world in which young people must learn how to ask the right questions, instead of simply …

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Pondering Virtue 

Howard Radest, Dean Emeritus of The Humanist Institute and a member of the National Council of Ethical Culture Leaders spoke recently at the University Seminar on Innovation in Education. His talk, “Can Virtue Be Taught? Character Education Isn't Enough,” delved deeply into complex moral and philosophical questions about virtue, aesthetics, dialogue, dialectic, teaching, learning, …

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Education Reform in New York City: Ambitious Change in the Nation’s Most Complex School System 

Title: Education Reform in New York City: Ambitious Change in the Nation's Most Complex School System Editors: Jennifer A. O'Day, Catherine S. Bitter, and Louis M. Gomez Publisher: Harvard University Press Call Number: LA339.N5 E38 2011 From the Publisher: Written in an accessible style by highly respected scholars, the papers in this volume document and …

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