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Searching for Textbooks 

If you are part of Teachers College, whether as a student, faculty member, or visiting scholar, it's likely that you will need to search for textbooks at the library at some point. Perhaps it's a middle school earth science textbook you need to evaluate for a class at TC, or perhaps it's an elementary math …

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Searching by Subject on EDUCAT 

Learning how to search by subject is a skill that can refine and expand your research capabilities for your coursework at TC and beyond. This is intended as a guide to searching the TC library catalog using subject headings, but the basic principle can be applied to any library catalog and most database searches. There …

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The most popular books at the library! 

We thought it would be fun to take a look at the books that are checked out the most from our library! We gathered the data and the results are in! The following list shows the top 20 borrowed books in our library since the start of EDUCAT, our online catalog. EDUCAT was first installed …

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How to find books at the library! 

In an effort to bring more information to the community about library services we are going to answer frequently asked questions right here on Pressible! Of course you are still welcome at all times to stop by the desk and ask your questions. A question we receive often is how to find books at the …

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Reference, Ready Reference and Books on Reserve! 

It's been a busy couple of days here at the Gottesman Libraries as we prepare for midterms.  Midterms bring many members of the TC community to the first floor services desk asking for assistance in navigating the library and the library's online resources. In an effort to bring more information to the community about library …

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A Library Guide: How to Search for Textbooks Through EDUCAT 

Ever wanted to find a textbook in the curriculum section of the library but had trouble navigating EDUCAT? Me too. Thanks to Allen Foresta, librarian to the rescue, now I know! Begin your search in the Advanced Search mode. Select "Subject" from one of the drop-down boxes and enter a topic. In the example below, …

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A Library Guide: Searching the Catalog (EDUCAT) 

In this Pressible post, you’ll learn how to… Search for items using keyword, author, title, subject, or call number Limit your search Save records for later viewing Access ebooks What is Educat? Educat is the most definitive record of the holdings of the Gottesman Libraries at Teachers College, including books, e-books, journals, e-journals, dissertations, media, …

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Library Super Services: How to find books quickly and easily at TC 

This mini series of posts about “super” library services is to highlight some of the interesting, hidden, under-utilized, etc. services of the Gottesman library at TC. There are many unique services and resources here at TC –this list is by no means exhaustive. I’m choosing some of my favorites but if anyone would like to …

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Litigation in LibraryLand: SkyRiver Sues OCLC 

Marshall Breeding reports in Library Technology Guides that SkyRiver Library Technology Solutions has filed an antitrust suit against OCLC. In a move that could have far-reaching implications for competition in the library software and technology services industry, SkyRiver Technology Solutions, LLC has filed suit in federal court in San Francisco against OCLC Online Computer Library …

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Online Library Research Course 

If you’re interested in seeing an overview of electronic and print resources available to you as a TC student, as well as a survey of approaches to doing library research, you might want to take a look at an online course titled Library Resources and Services that’s accessible through the Blackboard course platform.  (Entry to …

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The Curriculum Source of Choice 

The library subscribes to a rather hidden resource we think students, faculty, and researchers would love and use extensively  if they knew about it, so we’re encouraging you to check it out and explore the great material it offers. This is the Kraus Curriculum Development Library Online (KCDL); it’s an online collection of curriculum guides, …

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