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Learning From Parks: A New Book Display in Everett Cafe 

"Nature is such an indefatigable teacher!" -- Roberto Burle Marx, Brazilian Modern: The Living Art of Roberto Burle Marx As I stroll through Kensington Gardens on a recent trip to London, I can't help but think how much a park tells us about the city in which it is lodged; truer to say, that the …

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Everett Cafe Book Display: Teaching About Species… and an Excerpt Concerning Scarabaeinae 

Fairy lights cast a warm glow over an appetizing spread of potjiekos, bobotie, chakalaka, and other traditional dishes, when all of a sudden a large black insect crashes to the table like a fighter plane making a forced landing. Agog amid the distress of the fairer ladies, one seemingly heroic guest earnestly grabs a meat knife, hoists it …

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Today in History: World Environment Day 

World Environment Day began in 1974 and is recognized annually on June 5th as an effort by the United Nations to increase global awareness of and action towards the protection of planet Earth. It was designated by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972 in support of its Conference on the Human Environment and has …

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Today in History: World Environment Day 

With the recent U.S. federal government decision to pull out of the global climate change agreement, we look to historical concerns and current initiatives in our schools, communities, and cities, here and abroad. What constitutes a good quality of life, and why do certain factors in the environment affect the quality of life? How will environmental issues …

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