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Announcing the Upcoming Teachers Lab at Brooklyn Public Library 

An upcoming workshop aimed at New York City teachers of grades 4-12 will focus on teaching and learning resources available through the Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) and is targeted towards sparking innovative lesson plan design. Taught by experienced librarians and special guests, the “Teachers Lab” is a free two-week course running from August 11-22 that …

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Scalar: The next big thing in scholarly publishing? 

To all those following our commentaries on open access, e-books, the scholarly communication crisis, and educational technologies, there is a new platform out there that touches on all of these while tossing in a taste of the Semantic Web and information visualization too. The Alliance for Networking Visual Culture recently released Scalar, described as a …

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Reading E-Books: A Contemplative Guide 

Yesterday, I finished Nicole Krauss's beautiful novel Great House, a compactly written, deeply poignant book that follows the lives of a handful of characters influenced by a huge and majestic writing desk, which had been stolen from a Jewish family's vacant house during the holocaust. Whenever I read Krauss's writing, I am struck with the …

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Ebrary’s new app: a test drive 

In searching for a book to read on my hour-long train ride back to Brooklyn, I discovered via Educat that one of the titles from my to-read list was available as an ebook in Ebrary, the vendor we purchase the majority of our electronic titles from. Ebrary books make up 71% of our total ebooks …

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The e-book war in public libraries 

A recently published article in on Mind/Shift clearly articulates the e-book lending war between libraries and publishers--namely, that publishers feel threatened by the ease with which patrons can check out e-books, and are trying to encumber public libraries with book lending restrictions, making it expensive, more difficult, or in some cases simply impossible to lend …

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Good books that happen to be free 

Nicole Cliffe at Hairpin posted a delightfully snarky piece about free books available for the Kindle, which, aside from being very funny, actually struck me as good advice.  One can read most of the pre-copyright classics on Kindle for free, as well as a handful of new classics, like Marion Zimmer Bradley's The Colors of …

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Reading Ebooks: a guide 

Perhaps you’ve noticed, when looking for a book at TC, the large number of electronic books in our collection. TC’s collection policy states, “Whenever possible, the library endeavors to acquire materials in digital form as the preferred medium to support the widest possible use among library patrons.”  Most electronic books in the collections are licensed, …

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Social Book Lending 

I recently decided on bestsellers The Help and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for my last pleasure reading hurrah before school starts for me on August 29th. I don't like to buy books anymore, considering the teetering towers of treasured hardbacks that sit on the floor of my tiny Brooklyn apartment, my bookshelves offering no …

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