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The Books Are Alright; Why Print Isn’t Doomed in the E-book Industry 

Despite having grown up in a technologically-dominated age, in which everything from music, television, shopping, and even the way we spend time with other people is gradually becoming digitized, there's one thing I can't bring myself to adapt to, and that is using e-books. Reading is one of the first things I learned to enjoy, …

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The Library as Publisher? 

James LaRue, director of the Douglas County Libraries, recently wrote an essay for the American Libraries Magazine suggesting that libraries should expand their services to book publishing. His argument is that, in our shifting digital landscape, libraries are in the perfect position to serve as content creators in addition to being content collectors. The library …

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Smart E-Textbooks: Is it ethical to track your students’ reading? 

The New York Times reported this morning that Texas A&M is using CourseSmart E-Textbooks in class, which allows professors to track whether students open their textbooks, what pages they look at and for how long, and which passages they highlight. The dean of the school of business commented, "It's Big Brother, sort of, but with …

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The Bookless Library 

Phones have gone cordless, the Internet has gone wireless.  Offices have gone paperless. Why shouldn't libraries go bookless? Over the last two decades, libraries have kept up with the digital shift, among other reasons, partly to remain up-to-date in their mission of organizing and providing access to information (OPACs should make relevant books easier to …

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Love and Google 

I’m falling too hard for Google. With news of the dismissal of the settlement which would give Google rights to sell the thousands of digitized out-of-print and orphan books in their archive, I found myself upset for all the wrong reasons. It kills me that Google has a huge cache of rare books chilling in …

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Marginal Worries 

Book Lovers Fear Dim Future for Notes in the Margins is a rather alarmist New York Times article about the preservation of marginalia in physical books and bemoaning the lack of character in the notes of the scary digital future. It’s all well to write a nostalgic article about the emotional clout of historical objects, …

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On Living with eGuilt 

I need to make an e-confession: NYPL revoked my borrowing privileges. As a newly minted librarian and outspoken fan of public libraries in all forms, I’m horrified and extremely embarrassed. Naturally, I’m writing about it on the internet.  Here are my excuses: 1. It’s kind of out of my way, they don’t have a night …

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