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Defining Art, Creating the Canon 

Defining art, creating the canon: artistic value in an era of doubt Author:  Paul Crowther Oxford : Clarendon Press ; Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2007 Check It Out:  EBOOKS From the Publisher: What is art; why should we value it; and what allows us to say that one work is …

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Reconfiguring Islamic Tradition 

Title: Reconfiguring Islamic tradition: reform, rationality, and modernity Author: By Samira Haj. Publisher: Stanford, Calif.: Stanford University Press, c2009. Check It Out:  EBOOKS From the Publisher: Samira Haj conceptualizes Islam through a close reading of two Muslim reformers—Muhammad ibn 'Abdul Wahhab (1703–87) and Muhammad 'Abduh (1849–1905)—each representative of a distinct trend, chronological as well …

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