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Moving from the Formal to Informal 

Background Sophie and I met at a course in CCTE at Teachers College. At first I was drawn to Sophie's story because of her improvisational band, Forma. As I got to know her she told me about her classical piano training. I decided to focus on her evolution as a musician: in particular, I was …

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Music, Conversation, and Interpretive Understanding with Emir Lewis 

Emir Lewis has edited and/or produced approximately 20 motion pictures, including those for television: In the Footsteps of Marco Polo (2008) and Year of the Bull (2003). Renowned for his use of music, coupled with his tackling of controversial subjects, Mr. Lewis' works include: Woodstock, Now and Then (2009); AIR (America‚Äôs Investigative Reports, 2008); Mr. …

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