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Digital Humanities updates 

It's a busy summer for folks in the digital humanities. Here's a quick overview of some of the developments in the DH community: dh +lib has released a mini-series called Make It New?, a collection of articles that continue the conversation about collaborations and connections between digital humanities and libraries in response to the Journal …

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Digital Humanities 2012: July 16-22 

Digital Humanities 2012, a conference that brings together digital humanists from around the world, is taking place right now at the University of Hamburg in Germany. Held under the auspices of the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organization, this annual event offers a multitude of intriguing events covering an impressive range of subjects. This year's line-up …

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Manifestos on Digital Humanities 

While researching for one of my library science classes, I recently came across two different manifestos  for the Digital Humanities.  Digital Humanities has been an increasingly hot topic over the last five years or so, thanks to an increasing amount of humanities scholars blogging on scholarly topics (some examples are Planned Obsolescence

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Digital Humanities in Action: Transcribe Bentham 

Are you a philosophy enthusiast? A fan of the panopticon? And utilitarianism? Or do you just like old manuscripts?  Even if none of these appeal to you whatsoever, you could still be a volunteer for a very exciting project with the University College London, Transcribe Bentham. This is a crowdsourcing initiative with the goal of …

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