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Would It Kill You to Talk about Death for an Hour? 

In fact, it didn't! Participants adopted a lively, healthy approach to discussing the Inevitable at a recent Socratic Conversation conducted by Ron Gross, co-chair of the Columbia University Seminar on Innovation in Education. Spurred by Sam Harris’ video, It Is Always Now (which looks philosophically at the present moment and why it’s important to live …

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Death, Society, and Human Experience 

Title: "Death, Society, and Human Experience" Author: Robert J. Kastenbaum Publisher: Boston: Allyn & Bacon, 2009 Check it Out: BF789.D4 K36 2009 From the Publisher: "This landmark text on the sociology of death and dying draws on contributions from the social and behavioral sciences as well as the humanities, such as history, religion, philosophy, literature, …

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Do not go gentle… 

Death is all around me and I cannot get it from under my skin - it absorbs me and ensourcels me - enfolds me in it mangy arms and grips...and holds...and squeezes the tears from my body, so that is feels they will pop from the skin on my legs and bleed into …

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Research & Musings on Paranormal Television 

Paranormal reality television shows such as Ghost Hunters, Ghost Labs, The Haunted, and Celebrity Ghost Stories, to name a just a few, have grown in popularity in recent years, with some claiming to be "probing the afterlife." Recent polls indicate that a notable number of respondents express belief in the existence of activities considered to …

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Unusual Graveyard 

The granite tombstones are gray and crooked, their engravings barely legible from weathering more than a century of rain, sand, and Atlantic hurricanes. Purple sea grapes border the cholera graveyard which rests peacefully on a bluff near the old Hopetown fire station. We see white caps glimmering in the pure light of the moon, a …

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