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Books Publishing and Libraries Conference – My First Presentation 

Earlier this month, I had the honor and privilege to present at the 16th Annual International Books, Publishing and Libraries conference as an Emerging Scholar. This conference is an interdisciplinary symposium drawing in researchers from a variety of fields that all lead to the word - publishing, graphic design, library science, education and the humanities. The conference …

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Conferences as Professional Exploration Opportunities 

Attending conferences as a graduate student can be a great supplementary educational and professional experience. Conferences can be a invaluable opportunity to explore career paths and familiarize oneself with current industry-specific trends. Most conferences offer student rates that are significantly discounted, as well as travel awards and scholarships to help offset the cost of attendance. …

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Digital Humanities updates 

It's a busy summer for folks in the digital humanities. Here's a quick overview of some of the developments in the DH community: dh +lib has released a mini-series called Make It New?, a collection of articles that continue the conversation about collaborations and connections between digital humanities and libraries in response to the Journal …

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Linked Jazz releases video 

Do you like data? Do you like jazz? Then you'll love Linked Jazz, a project based at the Pratt Institute School of Information and Library Science. What is Linked Jazz, you say? I'm glad you asked. Linked Jazz is a project investigating the potential of the application of Linked Open Data (LOD) technology to enhance …

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Digital Humanities 2012: July 16-22 

Digital Humanities 2012, a conference that brings together digital humanists from around the world, is taking place right now at the University of Hamburg in Germany. Held under the auspices of the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organization, this annual event offers a multitude of intriguing events covering an impressive range of subjects. This year's line-up …

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CFP: 10th European Academy of Design Conference -­ Crafting the Future 

CFP: 10th European Academy of Design Conference -­ Crafting the Future This conference celebrates the 10th anniversary of the European Academy of Design conferences and contributes to a  discussion on the role of design and designers in crafting our futures. The theme of the conference is the practical knowledge of the designer. How can the …

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ACRL 2011: Day 3 Ivory Towers, Knives, and Clinton Kelly 

Reposted from Shelfless. Written by Julia Martin.

(Shelf Reader app presented By Dr. Bo Brickman) Morning Keynote: Jaron Lenier: I've been thinking about the stuff that Jaron brought up during his talk basically since it happened and am finding it difficult to come up with a way to summarize his talk with some sort of mission and message. Here's an attempt from …

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