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Instead of Sitting, Care to Try a Standing or Treadmill Desk? 

As any doctor, chiropractor or physical trainer can attest, sitting around all day is harmful for your health. Yet thousands upon thousands of students, teachers and other workers spend countless hours slouched in front of computer screens or hunched over cubicles and desks. At Teachers College Library, visitors have the option of staying on their …

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What is the difference between the laptops and desktops at Gottesman Libraries? 

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here at the Gottesman Libraries as we welcome both new and returning students to the library.  The start of a new school year brings many members of the TC community to the first floor services desk asking for assistance in navigating the library and Teachers College. In an …

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CD/DVD Jam! 

The days of having to remove floppy drive shields stuck in the chamber seem to have passed by. However, the CD or DVD drive is still widely used, and occasionally a disc will get stuck in it. What can you do if the drive won't pop out? There is an old "trick" (can it really …

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Floppy Drives 

Hey, do you remember when Clinton was in the Oval Office, when scientists unraveled the human genome, when boy bands roamed the earth? Exciting times! Well if you remember these trivial nuggets of historical knowledge you may be in the generation that remembers the floppy disk. Not as a novelty coaster, or a conveniently shaped …

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Your New BFF: The Flash Drive 

People my age take advantage of being part of the digital generation. What comes as second nature to us can be completely foreign to others. At TC, the age demographics are wide ranging (not that age alone determines technological literacy), so I frequently feel caught off guard by some of the questions presented to technical …

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