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Dreaming with Machines: A New Everett Cafe Book Display 

Perhaps the dream started with Leonardo, the greatest artist whose telling notebooks include fantastic drawings of "smart" machines -- a parachute, helicopter, tank, mechanical knight, and many other curious mechanical devices. Leonardo certainly amused the Italian royalty, but his dreams came to fruition -- enabling the creative and logical connection between humans and technology. We remember that he was not …

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The nature of cognition 

Title: The nature of cognition Editor: Robert J. Sternberg Publisher: MIT Press Check it Out: BF311 .N37 1999 From the Publisher: Most cognitive psychology texts are organized around empirical findings on standard substantive topics such as perception, memory, vision, and language. This book is the first to introduce the study of cognition in terms of …

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Are We Rational Beings or Not? 

How is a rational decision made? Rational models of cognition typically consider the abstract computational problems posed by the environment, assuming that people are capable of optimally solving those problems. A basic challenge for rational models is thus explaining how optimal solutions can be approximated by psychological processes. Psychologists Sanborn, Griffiths, and Navarro outline a …

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Perceptual Organization of the Brain 

How does the brain organizes perceptual units? The latest research indicates that multiple stimuli can be present simultaneously in the visual fields that compete for neural representation.  And the same time, multiple stimuli in cluttered scenes also undergo perceptual organization according to certain rules originally defined by the Gestalt psychologists such as similarity or proximity, …

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Predicative Minds 

Title: Predicative minds: the social ontogeny of propositional thinking Author: Radu J. Bogdan Publisher: Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c2009. Check it Out:  BF441 .B625 2009 From the Publisher: The predicative mind singles out and represents an item in order to attribute to it a property, a relation, an action, an evaluation; it thinks, …

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