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Cheaper than a Free Lunch: Winter Clothing 

I thought about all of the posts I could contribute and most relate back to budgeting. So, perhaps I will stick to this blog title, a nickname graciously given to me by my mother. My late great uncle once used this phrase to refer to his extremely wealthy, stingy friend. Fortunately, I am neither --  …

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Patent in Play 

Her favorite blue jeans sport a gaping hole across the right knee,  seam to seam. Hand-me-down from her brother and previously her neighbor, the Polos are faded comfortably to a soft speckled gray in some places, reminding us of tiny eggs in a bird’s nest. Together we ponder the first real bike ride, seeing her …

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Article suggestion for Design Education scholars 

For those interested in the study of design education I would like to introduce a provocative article by the Anthropologist Webb Keane. Drawing on semiotic theory and work from material culture studies Keane outlines a theoretical framework for considering how “new clothing makes possible or inhibits new practices, habits, and intentions…” and “… invites new …

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