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Making Sense of the Election Process: Resources for Teachers 

You know it’s almost November 4th by the volume of political advertisements on TV that school-aged kids like to make fun of (for some very good reasons). The upcoming elections, however, also pose a real opportunity for teaching about voting and encouraging young people to be more active in the political process. For teachers interested …

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Debriefing Socrates: Why Do We Do the Right Thing? 

Our recent Socratic conversation brought up many interesting observations, chief among them: The sheer entanglement of factors: conscience, reason, science, emotions, religion, tradition, upbringing, education, law, honor, fear, biology. We can’t always explain the motivations for doing the right thing. There are differences between a civic society and a moral one. We need to listen …

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The Chicago Picasso 

I catch a glimpse from the corner of my dad’s office window high up in the glass skyscraper. Sitting cross-legged, dizzy looking down, I try to replicate the puzzling sculpture on paper with pencil. Is it a bird, dog, an aardvark, baboon head, or possible profile of a woman? I have not heard yet of …

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