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Staff Picks: 2018 Award-Winning Children’s Books to Read Again and Again 

The highest accolade that a piece of children's literature can receive is a chorus of voices shouting "Again! Again!" when the story is finished. Measuring what makes a book stick out to children isn't always easy, but awards panels try their best to strike a balance between books that are most likely to be read front …

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Today in History: First Newbery Medal 

So fondly I remember bedtime readings when even our Siamese kitten curled himself like a sausage among the stuffed animals and purred away contentedly. Yes, even Generation Z kids grow up holding hard copy books in their hands -- testament to the pure aesthetics of reading. Cluster around an award winner, turn the pages, and there's no doubt that a …

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Staff Picks Dec. 2017: Silver Anniversary Picture Books 

The December Staff Picks collection, Silver Anniversary Picture Books, on the second floor of the Teachers College Gottesman Libraries, showcases a favorite group of picture book authors and illustrators who were active some 25 years ago. Concentrating on this period allows me to highlight books, published prior to 1990, from the closed stacks. <span …

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Today in History: Christopher Robin’s Birthday 

“Then, suddenly again, Christopher Robin, who was still looking at the world, with his chin in his hand, called out "Pooh!" "Yes?" said Pooh. "When I'm--when--Pooh!" "Yes, Christopher Robin?" "I'm not going to do Nothing any more." "Never again?" "Well, not so much. They don't let you." Pooh waited for him to go on, but …

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Black: A New Everett Cafe Book Display 

I was a little more than shocked when a promising, young Southern researcher, in her pursuit of archival materials on the College's educational involvement in Peru, asked if I happened to know "when Columbia. specifically Teachers College, was officially desegregated." What?! Segregation at Teachers College seemed to me a very foreign concept, indeed one that …

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Today in History: Remembering Margret Rey 

And, of course, there's Pretzel, the longest daschund in all the world, and winner of the blue ribbon at the dog show. "All the dogs admired him. All the people admired him. Only Greta didn't ..."  ah, the vivid memories of pre-kindergarten come to life, as puppy love takes center stage! All the children admire the …

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Remembering Mort Schindel 

Stepping into the colorful book mobile parked in front of the main steps of Teachers College, I stumble across Clifford, of all creatures. Big, red, and furry, for real. Bigger, in fact, than the person whom I really came to see -- Mr. Morton Schindel, distinguished alumnus (M.A, audiovisual education, 1946) and founder of Weston Woods, …

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Mary Shelley’s Children’s Book 

Mary Shelley, the celebrated author of Frankenstein, wrote a children's book that remained undiscovered until 1997. Maurice, or the Fisher's Cot, the only children's book by Mary Shelley, was written by Mary for the daughter of a friend. The story follows a little boy named Maurice who runs away from home and meets misfortune along …

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Darth Vader and Son 

In a galaxy far far away, the rebel alliance is getting ready for another attack against the evil empire while activity on the Death Star has stalled because Darth Vader couldn't find a babysitter. Jeffrey Brown shows us Darth Vader's softer side in his endearing children's book Darth Vader and Son. Darth Vader is re-imagined …

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Colorín Colorado…: Author study, Alma Flor Ada 

About the Author: Of  Cuban descent, Alma Flor Ada is the author of numerous children's books and adult literature in both English and Spanish.  Most themes draw from her own or students' experiences as Latinos in both the United States and Latin America. Books at TC: My name is Maria Isabel Call #: Juv PZ7.A1857 …

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Colorín Colorado…: How do you know when Latino children’s books are culturally authentic? 

Back while I was teaching, a book titled Skippyjon Jones circulated our classroom.  One of my fifth graders, in realizing that so many students wanted to read the book, asked me to read it to the class as a read aloud.  Wanting to support my students' literary choices, I opened the book excited that my …

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Just Checked In: Monsters Eat Whiny Children 

Although the load of juvenile books returned this morning was enormous,  Monsters Eat Whiny Children--with its neon green cover, thick, uneven black lettering, and silly title--stood out from the rest.  Intrigued, I started reading. It tells the story of Henry and Eve, two "perfectly delightful children …

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Books We Loved as Kids: Abiyoyo 

I would venture to guess that I am not the only person in the library at this very moment who was an avid Reading Rainbow watcher as a child.  One of the books highlighted on the show was Pete Seeger's Abiyoyo, a story he created for his own children and a favorite of mine in …

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The captive 

Title: The Captive Author: Joyce Hansen Publisher: Scholastic Call Number: PZ7.H19825 Cap 1995 From the Publisher: Kofi's safe world is suddenly shattered. Ghostly white men, who have arrived from the coast, are stealing his people to sell into slavery. And Africans who speak and dress like the white man are helping them. Oppong, the family's …

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Latino Children’s Literature 

Our TC library has many resources from which to begin exploring the world of Latino Children's Literature.  One of the books I used greatly as a teacher was A magical encounter: Latino children's literature in the classroom .  This resources provides many hands on activities that one can use for virtually any book one comes …

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