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Staff Picks: Artists’ Books / Dimensional Stories 

             As the model of the library continues to evolve from a collection of printed material into that of a learning environment, patrons are becoming interested in utilizing the library as a creative space, or …

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Staff Picks: 2018 Award-Winning Children’s Books to Read Again and Again 

The highest accolade that a piece of children's literature can receive is a chorus of voices shouting "Again! Again!" when the story is finished. Measuring what makes a book stick out to children isn't always easy, but awards panels try their best to strike a balance between books that are most likely to be read front …

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To Summer 2018, Sincerely 

  Dear Summer, it's hard to know where you went, but you did, rather slowly, like the steam rising and dissipating from the bike path after an August rain. There were cyclists in Central Park that day -- many of them tourists, who, despite the heat, pedaled hard the big loop, only to stop half way up and catch a breath or …

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Staff Picks: The School Building, Philosophy & Design 

June 2018 staff picks School design is a modern problem; modern in the sense that it originally developed in response to the industrial revolution, and the complexities of industrial society.  An ever-increasing number of students and compulsory education shifted school design from humble, one-room schoolhouses created by locals to structures and curricular practices more fitting …

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Today in History: International Literacy Day 

Do you remember learning to read and write? Or perhaps using your first computer, laptop, or mobile device? Across the United States, the percentage of citizens who are able to read and write ranges from 65-85% (World Atlas, Average Educational Levels in the U.S. by State), while, according to the Pew Research Center, an estimated …

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Today in History: Library of Congress Is Established 

If you happen to stroll along First Street in our nation's capitol, you will stop dead in your tracks to admire the Thomas Jefferson Building, a grand example of the Beaux Arts; marble, granite, gold, bronze, and mahogany are among the fine materials used in a lead design by 19th century Washington architects, John L. Smithmeyer …

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#Colorourcollections, Mo Willems, & Book Chains 

#Colorourcollections February 6th - 10th is #colorourcollections week! Libraries and Special Collections around the world have digitized parts of their collections for you to color and enjoy. There are 95 different organizations participating this year, including Digital Public Library of America and Biodiversity Heritage Library. A full list of participating organizations can be found here<span style="font-weight: …

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Animal-Assisted Literacy Programs Provide a Boost to Children’s Reading 

Schools and libraries are increasingly seeing the value of programs that allow students to read to pets in order to boost reading skills. To date, such animal-assisted literacy programs are currently operating in 43 states throughout the U.S., as well as in Canada, the UK, Italy and India.1 In fact, as research into the growing …

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Have Libraries Lessened the Importance of Structured Education? 

There was a time when libraries kept their books under lock and key, stored away behind gates, too precious for anyone to touch. Books were only accessible to university professors or, in the case of the Library Company of Philadelphia, benefactors. Books were still so rare that, in order to preserve them, only a limited …

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Artist Turns Old Books into Crystallized Art 

San Francisco based artist Alexis Arnold,  inspired by the world's gradual transition from books to e-books, began turning abandoned books into crystallized memorials. He explains,"the crystals remove the text and transform the books into aesthetic, non-functional objects. The books, now frozen with heavy crystal growth, have become artifacts or geologic specimens imbued with the history …

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The Library as Publisher? 

James LaRue, director of the Douglas County Libraries, recently wrote an essay for the American Libraries Magazine suggesting that libraries should expand their services to book publishing. His argument is that, in our shifting digital landscape, libraries are in the perfect position to serve as content creators in addition to being content collectors. The library …

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How To Search for Items at the Library 

Finding what you need at the library can be overwhelming. Each library is unique with its own cataloging system, search engines, and other tools. Here is a quick and easy guide for how to search for books at the Gottesman Libraries using our website. First, begin at the Gottesman Libraries homepage. Be sure to choose …

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How to Check Out a Reserve Book 

The economy is dour. Textbook prices have skyrocketed. Student enrollment is up at most institutions. Free copies of textbooks at libraries are in high demand. These are all things you already know.  What you might not know, however, is how to check out a book on reserve from the library.  Here is a handy guide: …

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ACRL Women and Gender Studies Core Books Database 

I thought I'd alert everyone that the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), which is a group within the American Libraries Association (ALA), has released their Core Books list on Women and Gender Studies on LibraryThing, which makes the lists arguably more accessible, viewer friendly, and interactive (if you too have a LibraryThing account).  …

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Finding and Using Handbooks & Manuals (in Art Education): 

This is a short and handy guide to locating handbooks and research manuals in EDUCAT, which is the online catalog containing the bibliographic records of TC Gottesman Libraries monograph collection. How would you locate a handbook in your field of inquiry, assuming your instructor doesn’t simply present you with a bibliography? Well, I’m so glad …

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The Library Underground 

When you ride the subway, do you peer at your fellow passengers' paperbacks, trying to figure out what they're reading?  You too?  Then you'll love this fabulous Tumblr blog called The Underground New York Public Library, which houses a wide collection of photographs of subway riders reading paperback books. The "librarian" of the project, Ourit …

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Flashback Fridays: Valentines Day Special 

While this is an oddly controversial holiday for a lot of people, love and relationships are an important thing in many people's lives. Here are some posts from our past which you might find particularly appropriate for this upcoming holiday. All of our past posts about love, relationships . . .and maybe even some librarian bo-hunks …

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Reading Ebooks: a guide 

Perhaps you’ve noticed, when looking for a book at TC, the large number of electronic books in our collection. TC’s collection policy states, “Whenever possible, the library endeavors to acquire materials in digital form as the preferred medium to support the widest possible use among library patrons.”  Most electronic books in the collections are licensed, …

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Awful Library Books (somewhere else) 

Weeding... A necessary and often painful reality of collecting books for any library is the fact that librarians must also weed. No one who loves books enjoys the thought of getting rid of books, and yet, there are many tremendously positive reasons for deaccessioning titles the library no longer has use for: an outdated concept …

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Natural Learning For A Connected World: Education, Technology, And The Human Brain 

Title: Natural Learning For A Connected World: Education, Technology, And The Human Brain Author: Renate N. Caine and Geoffrey Caine Publisher: Teachers College Press (April 1, 2011) Call Number: LB1060 .C334 2011 From The Publisher: Were I younger and more vigorous, I would go on the road again just to promote this book. . . . presents an …

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